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I love F1, and if you haven't already figured out that by now, then obviously you need to look at more of my posts.

Anyway, 2020 is a big year for the sport. It turns 70 this year, and it is also the last year before the vast 2021 rule set comes into the swing of things. Although the big one is that F1 has a record-breaking 22 races this year.

As much as I think F1 is the greatest sport on the planet, I'm starting to believe that 22 races are a bit much. As much as it is great for the fan base and the "show".

Not to mention the new tracks in the Vietnam GP and the returning Dutch GP too. F1 might be starting to tear at the seams as its stretching itself a bit thin.

With Liberty Media suggesting that F1 could even expand up to 25 races in the near future, worries from teams concerning cost and welfare are a rising issue.

Teams such as Williams, Haas F1 and Racing Point don't have as much money as the big boys of F1, looking at you Mercedes. So expanding to the full 25 races could be a huge issue for these teams.

Although Liberty Media has a solution.

By the time F1 does expand to the potential 25 races, a little thing called a cost cap should be in full effect, restricting the amount to $175 million per season.

That's cheap, right?

According to F1 themselves, the cost cap WON'T cover the marketing costs, the driver wages as well as the top 3 most paid people in a team.

This doesn't really help teams with small budgets, but I guess its a start.

Even though money is a massive factor in having 25 races, you'll still have to take into account car reliblity, which could lead to countless penalties.

This is if teams were only allowed 3 parts of the selected components per year. I'm sure if the number of races changed this would too.

If not that's just a bit mean

F1 will also need to address the staff and team personal. Already in 2020, we have 22 races, and the calendar is from March all the way to December. That's including the summer break.

That's a huge amount of flying around and work for the staff.

I guess they can't have a family now.

When will the staff have time off?

Even Max Verstappen has said the calendar could "Cause divorces."

It all sounds rather unfortunate, doesn't it? I haven't even mentioned the drivers yet.

However, for the fans, this is excellent. 22 races. Extra time for us to watch our favourite drivers go head to head. There's even a possibility for drivers to pick up plenty of points, which could also swing the championship.

Although it sounds great to have 22 races, does the fact of purely having more races outweigh all of the negatives?

I guess we'll have to wait and see if 22 races are 2 many.

I may have a solution.

But you'll have to wait and find out...


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