Is Formula One the greatest sport...in the world?

F1 is perceived by many to be the pinnacle of motorsport, but is it the pinnacle of all sport?

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Millions of people all over the world enjoy watching F1 racing. Be it technical advancements, dramatic overtakes or passion for motorsports, everyone has a reason for loving F1, but these reasons do not provide justification for it being the best sport, so let's explore some reasons why it could be.

Being able to support multiple teams

In most sports, there is direct competition, two teams in an event competing against each other, whereas in F1, there are 10 teams to support and they're not all directly competing, Mercedes for example, are not directly against Haas. So people can support both teams. In other sports, teams will compete against each other (such as football). So there are occasions where supporting both is impossible.

Lots to understand

To some, this may disadvantage the argument but for me, the array of complex rules in F1 makes it more appealing and provides matters of contention beyond purely sporting activity. Most weekends there is some technical or sporting infringement to discuss and lots of rules form the backbone of that. Some may argue that F1 fans should talk about what happens on the track rather than off it but sometimes, off track issues are more interesting than those on the track. In most other sports you don't have this much going on behind the scenes.


In an F1 race quite a lot can go wrong for a driver. Issues with the car, a dodgy pit stop, a collision or weather issues (2021 Belgian GP) can completely change the outcome of a race weekend. In most sports there are few things that can really interfere with the results to such a degree as they do in F1.


Again, another point that could be used on both sides of the argument - but I'll put it anyway. At any point there are only 20 people actively competing in Formula 1 and 10 teams. That means most people aren't connected to the sport. This adds to the enjoyment for the viewer (in my opinion) as it allows us to marvel at the skill of the driver and precision of the teams without having experienced it ourselves increasing the spectacle.

Do you think F1 is the best sport in the world? Are there any obvious reasons I've missed? Comment your thoughts below.

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  • Unfortunately it is becoming less so every year . The push towards electrification of road cars leaves little for F1 to contribute to road cars in their current engine formula. It’s going to be a hard job for Liberty to keep F1 at the forefront of sport without allowing more free to air or free to app viewing.

      6 days ago
  • Kenya as we speak doesn't know what F1 is. So I don't agree that its a famous sport. Maybe in other countries in where it has taken place.

      6 days ago