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Is Honda Amaze The Best Sub-Compact Sedan

A worthy competitor to suzuki swift Dzire!

1y ago

1. Looks

Lets be honest sub-compact sedans aren't the best of looking cars on the road they were always an after thought versions of their hatchback counterparts stretched to accommodate sedan like boot, yes they are slightly practical with bigger boot.

But recently car makers had put in some efforts to atleast make them look liveable. yes, not exactly something you would dream of but atleast you wouldn't want to stab your eyes when you see one.

And maybe honda amaze is the car you should consider if you ever thought of getting one, i dont know why you would but stil....



I think honda designers have done a great job with the front of this car at first glance from some distance this car could be mistaken for a honda accord or a civic and atleast in my opinion this two cars looks the best in terms of design for a budget family sedans

But all is not well when you start moving towards the side its sub-compact traits starts to show-off and moving towards end of the side profile the whole design of the car just doesn't feel right.

But hey! Looks are subjective so its upto you to decide if you like the way honda amaze looks

2. Interior and Features

Interior is pretty neat and honda's man maximum machine minimum philosophy is clearly reflected into the cabin

Its a pretty nice cabin to be in for long journeys

Honda has fitted the car with decent array of features

Like driver's MID unit, steering mounted audio controls, touchscreen infotainment system with reverse parking, apple car play, android auto and it also gets a cruise control

Seats are pretty comfortable with pretty decent padding and rear legroom is pretty impressive aswell

All in all honda has done a pretty good job with the packaging of this car.


3. Ride and Handling

The particular car i drove was powered by 1.5 litre i-dtec diesel motor capable of producing 100 hp and 200nm of torque in past i drove this particular engine in other honda cars and i hated it, it was loud and sluggish but in the amaze it was amazing to operate the car is capable of doing 0-100 km/h (0-62mp/h) in under 11 seconds thats impressive only other car thats that quick and has a diesel engine is ford figo and its more expensive than amaze,

Suspension tuning has been done beatifully as the car just glides over bad indian roads and its only very large potholes that manages to creep into the cabin and that too barely.

​Despite having a soft suspension amaze corners pretty well even though there is some body roll but not too much and steering offers decent feel and feedback aswell


At highway speeds car stays planted and i didnt realise i was doing 120km/h until i saw the speedometer thats how stable the car is

But thats said car has some cons to it aswell

Like, gear ratios Are pretty short so you have to work the gearbox more often in the city conditions out on the highway its fine

Brakes, brakes could have been better alot better actually they feel spongy and lacks confidence under heavy braking and to make the matters worse car factory tires of 175/65 section does not offer enough grip and at times i felt the rear tire locking up under braking on rough roads

Steering is unnecessarily heavy which does effect its maneuverability in the city traffic


Amaze is pretty good value for money specially under 10 lakh rupees (12, 535.11€). It definetly beats suzuki Dzire in terms of perfomance, comfort and handling it might not be as loaded with features as Dzire but it gets goodies like cvt transmission with a diesel engine and cruise control which suzuki does not offer on dzire.





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Comments (6)

  • Been a proud owner of the 2015 gen 1 honda amaze .have no issues yet the mileage is amazing the power delivery is moderate but the turbo kicks in . The sedan just wants to fly

      1 year ago
  • Yes I agreed , Amaze is a gud product compare to maruthi dzire & To compete ,sell more Hyundai is launching it's new sub compact sedan, "AURA" in Jan last week ,which is loaded with maximum features that can easily beat amaze I think so, As In terms of performance, sporty & trendy looks, with better power train options, & with superior interior space.

      1 year ago