Is Horsepower Cartel India's best upcoming YouTube channel?

Meet Santosh the founder of Horsepower Cartel.

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India has a rich history of cars. Especially during the coach built era. Today with a large number of our population getting wealthier and more aware, we see modern car culture and youngtimer culture on the rise. Santosh is a guy whose recent efforts is having a positive impact on the Indian car scene.

Santosh J Parab is fondly known in the Mumbai car scene as Santi. Santi has started one of India's most popular YT channels known as Horsepower Cartel. Popular among the young automotive enthusiasts of India I thought why not feature him here for our DriveTribe Indian audience. I let Santi do the talking with a set of questions I thought that would bring the max information to you.

Your dream garage! I have to ask you this. Santosh introduce yourself.

My name is Santosh Parab, aka limitless_sjp on the gram aka Mr.Horsepowercartel because of my YouTube channel. I am a businessman from Mumbai, but I grew up and spent my whole life in the USA in a city called Philadelphia. I love all kinds of cars. People who know me well know that I prefer older carsโ€”especially the unreliable ones. I like the thrill of not knowing if I'm coming back home in a flatbed, tow truck with my car or driving home in it. But who doesn't like breaking their cars and fixing it! Are you even a real car guy if you don't?

What got you into cars?

My mom's youngest brother, who was always into cars and had some cool cars back in Philadelphia back in the day when I was growing up her other brother also had a Nissan 240sx as well so I have always been around cars as a young kid.

Which was your first car?

2006 8th gen Honda Civic Ex.

Since you are a JDM guy, what do you think of the new Z car?

I think it is great they brought it back. After the Supra this was also long-awaited in the tuner community. Love the fact that it was shown as a manual gearbox in the prototype. I like the cars side profile, but the front and the rear is a no go for me.

What car that you have owned is your favourite?

There are many honestly. But if I had to choose only one, it would be my recent pride and joy the E60 M5 which I sold not too long ago to my friend. It had its ups and downs when it came to maintenance and reliability, but it was a love-hate relationship which was turning toxic for me, so we had to part ways. This car really made me respect BMW as a brand a lot more than I used to. The fantastic high revving V10 S85 engine mated to a single-clutch gearbox it sounds like a recipe for unreliability. Still, when it was running 100% it would make you realize why this car has an amazing fan following and why people respect it so much. Every time I went out for a drive, I didn't know if I would come home with the car on a flatbed or not, but that added on to the excitement. As you rev the motor to 8,000 + RPMs and you hear the sound echoing it gives you this rush that only this car can give you. The great Jeremy Clarkson said in his review of the car, "whatever car you drive the E 60 M5 will always feel faster and quicker," and he was right. I can't start to explain the feelings in words, but the best advice I can give a car enthusiast is that to go drive an E60 M5 if you ever get a chance and trust me it will be memorable.

Tell us how did HP cartel start?

Well, I have always been active on social media, and my content got a good fan following from around the country over the years. Honestly, I should have started it 3-4 years ago, but two years ago, I finally pulled the trigger and started a YouTube channel. Better late than never right?

What is your goal with HP cartel?

I want to make it a movement and really bring all types of car enthusiasts together. Make informative videos, and give knowledge back to the community. I really want to put the Indian car scene on the map. India has got some of the most exclusive cars and garages in the world, believe it or not, and it needs to be put out there!

What kind of content do you like creating?

I love showing the people at home watching who can't afford a car or a supercar what's it like: the lifestyle, the ups and downs of being in the scene. Also, give them exclusive access to events, garage tours, and drives so they can feel the experience as well. It's all about listening to the people and bringing them what they like.

As a content creator, what other avenues do you think you can grow into?

I honestly want to get into pushing out merchandise for the channel. I'm working with a few designers to come up with some dope t-shirts, hats, hoodies etc. Also, one day have huge car shows and events and giving the people the chance to see the action in person!

Your dream garage! I have to ask you this.

1. Nissan Skyline R34 GTR z-tune

2. Ferrari F40

3. Bugatti Chiron

4. Rolls Royce Wraith Black Badge

5. Porsche 911 992 Turbo S

6. Mansory Philipp Plein Edition Startrooper G63 AMG

Here are some of Santi's favorite videos that he has made.

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