Is Hyundai any good at the moment?

Are Hyundai on a roll, or are they stagnating?

34w ago

Ah, Hyundai. Quite possibly one of the most uninteresting car brands around today. Now, Hyundai produce good, sometimes great cars so their issue isn't bad, it's bland. It's remarkably unremarkable. Cars that are functional and reliable but don't really do much besides. Is that entirely fair, or do Hyundai have more to offer?

A cracking example (I think) of Hyundai's blandness is one of their longest standing models, the Accent. Looks wise, it's decent. It cannot be too terrible, otherwise I would've heard about it. Generally there's a vibe or feeling around a car, whether it's terrible or good. The Accent just exists as another object, there's a lack of personality or anything to distinguish it from a slate of pavement.

Ok, so that's just one Hyundai. There must surely be others. What about the Santa Fe? The Santa Fe has sold very well, it's been in production since 2001 so Hyundai clearly have at least some faith in it. Much like many SUVs on sale today, the Santa Fe works well, is well designed and does the job competently and efficiently. It's probably one of the best Hyundais made today, but it's still quite boring. Practical, functional and that's about it.

Hyundai are in a good place, they make good cars, people buy them, that's really all there is to it. Their cars do lack personality and something that makes them distinct.

I'm sure most people who own a Hyundai are happy with their car and would consider buying another one when the opportunity arose. And maybe I'm being a tad harsh on Hyundai. But is there a car brand any more unnoteworthy than Hyundai? Nearly every Hyundai today is well built, comfortable and reliable. So, what's missing?

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