- BluSmart cab reaches Mumbai

Is India ready to embrace EVs?

BluSmart, a ride-hailing service provider with an EV-only fleet, says yes.

On the occasion of this year’s World EV day, a Delhi-based company has claimed something very few will try and digest. BluSmart, which is a ride-hailing service provider with only pure-electric cars in its fleet, says that India is ready for electric vehicles. Now, it isn’t just saying that to gain some undeserved popularity. The company does have a portfolio to stand behind that claim with some factual data.

Starting with what BluSmart has achieved today – it enabled a non-modified Mahindra eVerito to reach Mumbai from Delhi. For those who don’t know much about that EV, here are a few highlights. Photographs suggest that it was a D6 variant, which means a maximum range of 140km on a single charge. That comes courtesy of an 18.55 kWh battery pack, which powers a single electric motor with 42bhp/91Nm on tap.

BluSmart cab at Mumbai

BluSmart cab at Mumbai

Onward with some more numbers. The EV in question started the journey on September 4, 2020, and covered 1,564km before reaching the destination today. BluSmart claims that the car saved 105kg of CO2 emissions. The trip included five stints of fast charging and six sessions of slow charging. As per Mahindra, the eVerito can replenish its battery pack from zero to 100 per cent in approximately 11 hours and 30 minutes via a slow charging feed. However, the wait time from zero to 80 per cent drops down to about 1 hour and 30 minutes when there’s a recommended fast charger in the equation.

The journey from Delhi to Mumbai was more than six-times the last zero-emissions intercity trip BluSmart completed. In January 2019, an EV travelled from Delhi to Jaipur covering a distance of about 260km. The company, which currently operates only in Delhi-NCR has completed over 200,000 trips, covering more than 5 million kilometres.

So, with all those facts and figures under its belt, is BluSmart qualified to claim India is ready for EVs? Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

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  • Our crowd is our problem

    When this comes down to mass utilisation, do we really have adequate charging stations and a competent electricity grid?

    We wouldn't want to have EVs at the expense of never ending power cuts

      11 days ago
    • That's a fair assessment of the situation. India must move away from coal-fed power stations and utilise nuclear, hydro, solar and wind-power to generate electricity. That way an EV's claim of zero-emissions will get some additional...

      Read more
        11 days ago
    • Some portions of South India incentivises having solar panels at their homes

      That should be adopted on a large scale basis for a start, I believe

        11 days ago
  • See, as all EV's may need some connection to the internet, India is not ready for it, we get 1 mbps internet speed in Bangalore, and the highest average is 6 mbps.

      11 days ago
    • Lol! EVs with in-built internet modules utilise 4G/5G frequencies directly from telecom towers. And anyway, you don't need an internet connection all the time.

        11 days ago
  • No, the infrastructure is not present.

      11 days ago
  • Like it or not but ev s are the future and in my opinion also necessary. What is lacking in current scenario is the fast charging network . The current lot of ev have limited range and while they would make excellent city cars , any intra city/state travel is severely hampered due to lack of fast charging stations . I stay in Bangalore and realise that I cannot even drive to Mysore as there are no fast charging stations along the Bangalore Mysore highway . But in the years to come I am sure car manufacturers will have either bigger range or faster charging options available . Similarly govt is also expected to improve infrastructure. On a parting note .... even if 100% of car owners switch to Evs in the next 5 years , the Indian grid will be able to manage and one should not worry about the power cuts as someone mentioned .

      9 days ago
  • Don't know why we have to make the move for the requirements like the westerners because

    in our market, the demand varies acc. to the market taste as it would be hard to adopt the EV infrastructure, and EV's future is bleak as of now it may look,

    bling fast no engine and techno-wizardry, but it looks more like an eyewash for a short period of time because after some time the EV novelty would wear off and it would become a huge stalemate, and just like smartphones Vehicles would also be seen as tech product which isn't in the first place,

    If some people would say that EV's are the bright future so tell me one thing, buddy,

    why these companies are enforcing you to adopt for the Radar/Lidar autonomous systems, for safety well if you say that it is partly true but in long run, you'll be in it for a shock because all these techs are being developed just to make use your car for ride-hailing service in its level 5 autonomous mode, which you may think useless but companies are thinking to use your car as cars for all feature, it would be your car but even others can use it also as it would also perform as a taxi in autonomous mode and then they would pitch this feature to you as your vehicle would earn for you in autonomous mode,

    well, would you like your hard-earned money go and work as a taxi,

    there is another aspect to it the Subscription services they're now making people lure to get adapt to these services but in the end, they would denounce you or make you not to own a vehicle for yourself and then would lure you as to how you can choose your vehicle which you don't have to own and then how that vehicle in autonomous mode would earn for you just like the above example as the taxi so you can compensate your subscription fees from that taxi services in autonomous mode,

    So with those autonomous modes and subscription shenanigans to lure normal people so that they can't own their own vehicle etc. they're now making people forcefully adapting to these habits which are wrong but people in b/w won't have any issues and would think it is wrong but don't affect them type of attitude or dilemma, due to transitioning from owning habits to subscriptions shenanigans,

    So little insight on those points then coming to the point there would be no use of total EV infrastructure and it won't be suitable because, in the end, it would be more polluting than giving benefits to the environment, as these vehicles would be more on the junk or clearly written off due to their incidents or some accidents or some insurance issues and then with those people's who're gonna be changing these vehicles like phones, so those factors would increase the risk of polluting the landfills more than intended and even there is the issue of existing electronics landfill which is increasing year on year but there isn't an end to it, recycling method with lethargic policies would do more bad than good,

    so in huge markets, there should be the process of converting the existing vehicles either in majority methanol with a low concentration of petrol or alternate fueling system in liquid form or changing the existing ICE-powered vehicles to different fueling systems where the govt should provide the rebates on those fueling systems and their labor costs in mandatory rulings,

    as we can't scrap whole vehicles in just one go because that would also increase the pollution and temperature thresh hold of that particular country's scrapping system and would lead to more and more pollution,

    there won't be a pure EV or Pure hydrogen vehicle while the latter is possible for big markets for sustainable and longevity of that fueling system which also can replace the petrol fueling station as one as it won't even destroy the nature and would provide more and more suitable output to flourish the nature as a whole, which is a groundbreaking factor and can be called a win-win situation for both the human and the Mother Nature, even can enjoy some unadulterated vroom sound from engines

      11 days ago
    • So,

      Ev's can be called as the schablaam schabloom but when the novelty feature wears out then these things would be another stalemate in humankind like the technology in phones as in the end it would become boring and lethargic and it would...

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        11 days ago
    • I completely agree with you!

        10 days ago