Is iPhone Better Than Android Flagship?

iPhone > Android flagship?

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Why do people prefer the iPhone over Android?

The answer is because of it's higher price tag the brand is considered as a luxury brand and Apple Logo. Some people think that Apple is a luxury brand and that's why people buy their phones. Did you think similar to this?

There are some people who by iPhones to flex. But the reality is in terms of performance Apple is much ahead of Android because apple processor is better than Qualcomm. iPhones are much more reliable than android phones. Apple offers at least 5 years 0f massive upgrade to their iPhone and Android users get 3 years major update in terms of build quality it depends on the brand you decide to go for, all android smartphone makers provide better quality for their flagship smartphone but I say iPhone is much better overall.

Why iPhone is greater then android flagships phones

We have only two major operating systems iOS and android and the fact is the majority of people prefer Android but why? because of price difference

iPhone Is only available at a higher price end we know apple does not make any budget phones but in 2016 apple did make an iPhone se and called affordable iPhone and bring back it successor in 2020 name it iPhone se 2020 by its price at 390$ which is a decent phone at a decent price but many other Chinese companies offer best phones and nowadays Samsung also taking seriously to their budget and mid-range phones. Because many of the people prefer budget or mid-range smartphones and in 2020 the most selling smartphones are from the budget segment and midrange segment, not flagship smartphones that is the biggest advantage you can see that why the number of people mostly used Android phone

In terms of features and user experience, iPhone is much better and if you use an iPhone from the last 6 years it would be still better than the Android phone which was released at the same time

So, the conclusion is if your budget is less say (200$ to 250$ ) then you have no option only Android, if your budget is up to 400$ dollars then you have optioned a new mid-range Android phone or a cheap iPhone like se or two years old iPhone which is also a better option if you're going to a flagship smartphone then there is no option only iPhone I mean why you just pay $1000 for an android phone yes the hardware quality is better in android flagship phones but software update support at last 3 years only which not give value for money but iPhone support last 6 years and the apple closed ecosystem which gives a better experience to their users

I would say in the flagship segment iPhone is a better choice and In the budget segment, there is only android.

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