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Recently when writing a research essay for university I found the most odd topic; if we are more likely to buy a car if it's advertised as having feelings.

When looking at a object a lot of people can se familiar shapes in the couture of the design, trying to compare it to something living. That has everything to do with the FFA (face fusion area) in the brain, this area of the brain is specialized for facial recognition Making it possible for us to recognize other people by their faces. It was believed for many years that the FFA had just that one function, but later studies has found that this part of the brain also recognizes patters and shapes.

A lot of people make jokes about how the front of a car looks, and how similar it can be to a human face or emotion. You are not mad for seeing this it is surprisingly common. A study with 2000 people was done in America and It found that 49 per cent of owners identify their car as either male or female, and it is more common for younger person to create a emotion connection to their car.

Differnt car models have different "emotions" more sporty cars usually have a more aggressive look while small cars have a more happy or childlike face. Different car manufactures have actually made use of this in their advertising.

This also shows why things like modifications and decals has become so popular, if you are going to think about your car has having a name or a personality why not make it look good? Online their are many different kind of modification that can be done to make the car look more human like. Online there is a big market place for what is described as 3D stickers, metal stickers that lookalike lips or eyelashes. It may be more of novelty item but still its popular. And often marketed towards women.

I beginn with found all this a bit mad and totally unbelievable but after a lot of research I have found this topic really interesting and I do understand why people make the connection between emotions and cars.

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