Is it a plane? Is it even a car? The world’s first 'Learmousine' goes on sale

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If you’re asked to draw your dream car in your childhood, chances are you may have given it some wings or stretched it to resemble the President’s car. Though, one guy seems to have materialised multiple dream car ideas into a single vehicle as he came up with this - the Learmousine.

Stunned or stumped? It’s easy to be both after witnessing this candy red private jet on four wheels. But if this creation left you more impressed than being speechless, you can bid for it in the upcoming Mecum auctions, set to take place between May 14th to the 22nd.

It took two years of research, 40,000 man-hours of fabrication and a million dollars to get this 42-foot long by 8-foot wide vehicle up and running. Obviously, converting this jet into a road-hugger meant pairing the jet’s fuselage or body to a custom skeletal steel frame. While at it, the owner, Dan Harris of Bend, Oregon, further replaced his now-defunct jet turbines with massive speakers, capable of playing jet engine noises.

Pulling this vehicle requires serious power, and that meant installing a 400hp 8.1-litre Chevrolet Vortec V8 truck engine somewhere within the chassis. The Learmousine gets hydro-boosted brakes to boost its braking capabilities, and the driver would be thankful for the four outboard cameras while reversing.

The driver, or rather the owner of this Learmousine would be someone who likes hosting a grand party. Because inside this jet-on-wheels, there’s seating for 18. All plush diamond-stitched leather seats. Entertainment duties come down to a 42-inch plasma TV above the eye level and an infinity floor below it. And if the external speakers can’t play the latest EDM tracks, the cabin also gets its own set of internal speakers.

Wondering if you can drive it down to your neighbourhood car show? You can give it a try or make use of the 2015 Chevrolet 2500 HD pickup mated to a custom 2017 Iron Bull 44-foot trailer, which comes along with the Lear, to tow it around. But before buying, I would highly suggest you measure your garage and enquire about this Limo-jet’s turning circle. And did I tell you the Learmousine rides on custom 28-inch wheels?

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  • How is that even legal

      28 days ago
    • In Ohio you only need bumpers, lights and a plate. Legal. Some janky cars on the road in that state. I live in VA and they would laugh at you then arrest you for even trying. They don't play here. Can't even have fun cars here. I'm shocked when I see...

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        28 days ago
    • I like how you joke on other states rules and their citizen's abilities to own "janky cars" while living in a commonwealth that literally is ruled by people who have/are currently taking all your fun away. 😄🤣😂😆

        28 days ago
  • World's First? Bitch please we've been building those in Mexico and Latin America since the 80s

      28 days ago
  • Looks like it would have trouble flying- do those wheels fold-in?

      28 days ago
  • How do they get so little power from a V8 Modor

      28 days ago
  • WTF!!!

      28 days ago