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Is it just me?

The trials and tribulations of owning a car. Any car, not just a Jaaaaag.

2y ago


Just passing through. Sorry I've been a bit absent lately, life got in the way and the Jag has been used for clearing a relative's house. It's incredibly versatile this Jag, capacious and capable of being a van or a comfortable carrier of 5 people.

After all its hard work the Jag is now in the garage for repairs - new bumper (from when someone went into the back of me on a roundabout the very weekend our relative passed away). While in for repairs I thought I'd get the front wing done at the same time (from where someone scraped the car while I was shopping in Tesco). I'd reversed in unfortunately, and someone, I don't know who, couldn't negotiate parking properly. I wish I'd just parked frontways then it would just have been just another scrape on the already damaged bumper, but I find it easier to reverse in. Is it just me?

It's not unusual this parking difficulty, apparently. The other time the car was pranged in a car park (same car park) I came back from shopping to find distinctive teal coloured paint down the rear wing and a little old lady in a matching teal coloured car parked next door. When she went to inspect the damage I found she could barely hobble around the car. She nearly burst into tears when she saw what had happened. I hastily reassured her it would buff out and not to worry. Just couldn't ask her to stump up for repairs. As it happens it did mostly buff out. Is it just me? Bit of a softy.

I assured our local bodyworks company (the splendid Salv from FB Coachworks, Molesey - deserves a plug) that none, I repeat, none of the damage to the car was done by me and that at least two of the incidents were down to parking in the local supermarket car park. "Do you know how many cars we get in with that issue?" he said... Is it just me? Probably not then.

Anyway, now the car is in the garage, Salv will fix the bodywork, Lewis next door in Walton Rd Garage will fix the problem with the split winscreen washer pipe and I drive an unknown Merc C class for a day or so courtesy of the other party's insurance company. But my thoughts remain with my Jag in for repairs. The feelings are similar to taking my cat to the vets for a routine checkup. You know it's all fine and will be even better when it comes out but I know I won't settle until the Jag is back home. And then all I have to worry about is parking my sparkling freshly resprayed Jag in that car park... Is it just me?

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  • Beautiful car. Will you want to park it in a far-away and low-traffic section of the car park now?

      2 years ago
    • I started to do that after the second scrape Betty. It’s always a risk around here. A bit like France but not in a good way !

        2 years ago
  • Ive always thought jags where shit and i still do because the gear box on my xtype manual has just went .the electronics suited there self and the ventilation is rubbish but i would still buy another one the jag cylinder head on the v6 cologne block is so smooth when i hear it its music too my ears.

      2 years ago
    • The later ones are better I think. And the aircon has a mind of its own, true. But there something about a Jag I love.

        2 years ago