Is it "Mechanic" or Technician"?

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Episode 93: Technicians Vs Mechanics

On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels we are going deep into the debate between what we actually do for a living; are we technicians or mechanics? This is one of those things that comes down to two things: money and optics. According to Google, the difference lies in how we diagnose problems with cars: if you use a scan tool and then fix the problem, you’re a technician. If you don’t use a scan tool and fix the problem, you’re a mechanic. But what if you have a scan tool and can’t fix the problem, like the most people at chain auto parts stores? Moreover, is the term “mechanic,” when used by management, a tool to keep wages low? We go deep into all of this including a more comprehensive classification system for technicians because of the rapidly increasing level of insanity involved with modern cars quickly eroding the mechanic v. technician debate.

Also Uncle Jimmy describes his perfect Friday night watching new cars being put together, and evicts a mouse that ate roughly five times its body weight in wiring harness causing 26 faults.

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  • i see a mechanic as a jack-of-all-trades sort whereas a technician specializes in one specific thing

      8 months ago