Is it possible to drive a Range Rover across the UK faster than the sun?

Here's an old Top Gear challenge with a twist

1w ago

Many moons ago on a show called Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson set out to see if he could outrun the sun in a Jaguar XJ. On the shortest day of the year in February, Clarkson set off from the most westerly point (Land's end) of the UK and attempted to reach the most easterly point (Ness point) before the sunset that evening.

However, this YouTuber has decided to one-up Jeremy and the BBC by attempting to drive from the UK's most northern point (John O' Groats) to the most southern point (Land's end) – and he doesn't have long to do it. Joel from the YouTube channel 'It's Joel' has decided to do this on the world's longest day of the year which is in June – giving him just 17 hours before the sun sets.

His car of choice is a big Range Rover Vogue which needs to cover over 800 miles in the next 15-17 hours, otherwise he has failed and spent a lof of money on fuel for no reason.

Without further ado then, let's see if he can manage it:

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Comments (12)

  • Why take a range Rover or any other car... There are speed limits on the roads so you will have to abide by them. What Clarkson did with an XJ, one could do with an E class or maybe a 911 or even a Sandero... (see Ben, there's a new Sandero vs Sun challenge for you right there 😉)

      10 days ago
    • If I was going to spend that long in a car, I would have to choose something with vast levels of comfort. An S-Class would suffice.

        10 days ago
    • See, that's my point

        10 days ago
  • Shortest day of the year in February?

    Not sure what planet you live on, but shortest day is 21st December.

    But it was actually a nighttime drive from sundown to sunrise on the longest day of the year, June 21st.

      9 days ago
  • No. The sun travels across the Earth’s surface at 1,667kph. I can’t think of many roads you could do that on 😂

      10 days ago
  • Was it deliberate to get all those things wrong in one sentence? Shortest day in Feb, Clarkson did it during the day…

    I assume it’s a ploy to generate responses like mine here so yes I’ve fallen for it, but it did leave me being unconcerned about whether or not it was a success.

      8 days ago
  • If my L320 SDV6 can do over over 960 miles in less than 12h (Calais to Salamanca) a new L405 will do 100 on top of that easy

      8 days ago