Is it possible to redesign the McLaren F1?

I'd say this is a pretty good attempt

42w ago

Is it really possible to redesign the iconic McLaren F1 which Gordon Murray spent so long working on? Well, you sure can give it a shot like TheSketchMonkey has but is it as good as the GMA T.50 which is more or less the F1's replacement?

Last week I shared his take on a modern Porsche 959 which you all enjoyed, so let's see what a modern-day McLaren F1 could look like that isn't a T.50.

As you will notice straight away, this render of a future McLaren F1 features parts of the front end of the brand new McLaren Speedtail which makes sense as this is the way they are heading in terms of design language.

On top of that, TheSketchMonkey has added what look to be 650s-style wheels (or just newer McLaren wheels) which really bring the overall design up to date. He has still kept the doors looking more or less the same which is a nice touch.

And finally you wll notice a wicked looking roof scoop which the original F1 didn't have in its standard form but could be seen in the GTR variant. As well as this, he has taken insipiration from the lines of the 720s which he describes as being 'the car with the most beautiful lines', and he has a point.

Do you think this would be a worthy successor to the F1?

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Comments (18)

  • It's basically the F1 with a speedtail front stuck to it. What's so interesting about that?

      9 months ago
  • Putting some modern McLaren styling queues on a “face-lifted” F1 is not moving the game on. The GMA T.50 is its worthy replacement.

    It is a nice job on a modern F1 face-lift though.

      9 months ago
  • It's cool.Gr8 attempt!!

      9 months ago
  • Why has it got Porsche Taycan headlights? Need to put some more McLaren details on it.

      9 months ago
  • What's up with the Porsche Taycan headlights?

      9 months ago