Is it wehrlein's time?

2y ago


Formula 1 never fails to shock us, right?! Just as we thought the world of F1 would wind down at the end of the season, the sport has returned to the forefront of people’s minds following the shocking retirement of Nico Rosberg. Whilst the news was surprising to say the least, the reasons Rosberg gave for retirement made perfect sense and you can see what the German had to say in Harry’s article right here: (

Rosberg’s career was a highly impressive one and from a personal perspective I believe he was fully deserving of the world championship, however this article will focus on the future and more specifically Mercedes’ future. Just who is going to replace the champion? And with such big boots to fill, will he be able to deliver? One man in contention for the seat is Pascal Wehrlein. As it stands Wehrlein is the favourite for the job with Sky Bet giving odds of 2/1. In contrast Vettel is second favourite at 5/2 with Mclaren’s Fernando Alonso next at 11/2.

Whilst Pascal may not have the experience and ability (at least at this current moment in time) he is the only one that is strictly “available”. Despite having a respectable season for Manor, the team never actually resigned him for 2017, whereas Alonso, Vettel and indeed all other top drivers are tied down to contracts with other teams.

Wehrlein also has the advantage that he’s test drove for Mercedes over the last three years. Being contractually available and having experience with the car are two ticks against Wehrlein’s name that nobody else can boast. Wehrlein’s biggest upside could be his youth though, at just 22 years old he has years and years of great seasons, and potentially championships, ahead of him. And if Mercedes are able to manage him correctly, they could be the ones to reap the rewards of a man who clearly has great natural ability. In years to come Mercedes can mound Wehrlein into one of the best drivers on the grid, and learning from a winning team and a three time world champion could do wonders for him. There are arguably better short term investments out there, but Mercedes must look towards sustained success as a team and the best way to ensure this is by investing in the future. A seat for Wehrlein would be exactly this.

Verdict: Wehrlein SHOULD get the seat

Should Wehrlein take the vacant seat at Mercedes? Or should they look elsewhere? Let us know in the comments!

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