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Is it worth it to buy a used Aston Martin?

1y ago


What if you could pull up to your next business lunch or bar crawl in a shiny red Aston Martin? The average person just sees a beautiful James Bond-ish car with a mean v8 growl. Only a car person will know that you didn't pay 100k + for your new super car. What a deal right?

In one way yes, it's a great deal. Aston Martins suffer some of the worst initial depreciation there is. For example, this read Aston started around $120,000 (thats a conservative number). In 3 years the car has lost approximately $40,500 in three years. That means the car has lost 33.75% of its original value. Unless you buy a special addition Aston, you're pretty much guaranteed to loose money in the first couple of years. That means if you want a good deal, you should buy the car after the initial loss has already hit. Who can argue against a 4.7L V8 with 7k miles for $79,500. Thats a pretty incredible deal. The technology is also decent so the only real problem is daily usability. Honestly you can easily live with the Aston as a daily driver as long as you aren't moving couches or being an ambulance on the weekend (although if a Porsche 944 could do it, the Aston could as well).

There are also reasons that this wouldn't be a great purchase. A lot of people buy supercars as an investment. It's a fun investment, but an investment. If you want to make money in the future by reselling a car, a used Aston Martin is not for you. While the INITIAL depreciation might have passed, but there is still more to come. Aston Martin also isn't a byword for reliability. General maintenance is either ok or bad depending on the specific model you own, but the issues you'll have to fix will begin to stack up quickly. Youtuber and writer Doug Demuro owned a used Aston and showed that the warranty he bought was quickly surpassed by the cost of repairs. The moral of the story is make sure you have a warranty.

So is a used Aston Martin a good idea? Well, it's kind of subjective. If you're willing to put up with the hours in the service center and the depreciation it is definitely worth it. You'll be getting a great car for the money and you'll enjoy every drive. If you want a reliable car that will meet your daily needs, this is not the car for you. You're much better off buying a Mercedes, Audi, or BMW.