Is it worth the upgrade?

13w ago


The Ford Fiesta has always been a small car that can provide thrills that its older brother, the Ford Focus, can but for less. The new one seems to be more of the same.

The old Ford Fiesta could always put a smile on your face no matter the conditions. Even sat parked the old car could put that same smile on your face. The grill looking it came straight off an Aston Martin look fantastic no matter the spec of the car. The new car on the other hand looks a little to box like. Also, ditching the Aston Martin grill for one that looks more like a whale sharks mouth opening. The ST version of the new model has wheels that look straight of Star Trek. I understand that the car will probably with us for six to ten years but the wheels make it look like it is trying way too hard.

However, that is the only complaints for the new Ford Fiesta. It feels more planted on the road, more lively and I didn't think it was possible but more fun. The old car was a great handling car dominating the class for the way it drove; the new one does the exact same.

Where the old car had a horrifically out dated interior, the one has a big touch display. The difference on the inside feels like the difference between a record player and a iPod.

Overall, the old car is still fantastic car the drive looking amazing on the outside but if you are looking to upgrade then go for it. Don't hesitate.