Is Karting all you do?

Well, technically no!

1y ago

Very often I get the question "is that all you do is Karting?" Our club track that we currently race Karts on has been around since the mid 50's. I suspect that every form of racing you can imagine has happened there over the years. As I ran though youtube clips this afternoon I ran across some proof. A few years back we had a growing crowd of motorcycles showing up on race weekends. I happened across one of their helmet cams this afternoon. Proof we will race anything that has wheels and that Karting is not all we do.

Now back to Karting! With the season in full swing I thought it might be time to shoot out last years highlights video. Good luck to the club as they hit the road racing circuit at Hearland Park this weekend!

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  • Today is the day to live life to it’s fullest as is every day also. Tonight is drag racing night. 😁

      1 year ago
    • Well said! Have fun at the drags Tom! Cheers

        1 year ago