Is Lamborghini any good at the moment?

    One the most recognisable cars brands in the world, famed for their designs and power of their cars. But are Lamborghini any good at the moment?

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    Lamborghini have produced some of the most highly sought after cars in their field ever made. Diablo, Miura, Countach, LM002, Murcielago. These are just some of the incredible cars that Lamborghini have produced over the years. The designs belong on posters, framed posters in fact. Lamborghinis are practically works of art, every inch of a Lambo is designed in such a striking way. Lamborghini, under Audi's watchful eye have been doing rather well and have managed to stay relevant in this every changing motor landscape.

    Ok, so Lamborghini continue to sell well, they make good cars, people like the cars, the end. Right? Well, no.

    Let's start with the Huracán. To be honest, and I'm aware that this may be controversial, it's a bit flat. Design-wise it just doesn't really compare to Lambos of old. Is it ugly? No, but it's just decent I guess. I'm sure it does turn heads, but probably not in the way that the Diablo would turn heads. The Huracán is possibly one of the most decent looking Lambos ever designed. Although, in every Huracán review I've watched, the reviewers always say that it is a very fun car to drive. So, it's not a disaster or even unbecoming of a Lamborghini, it's just a bit ok. And Lamborghini's should reach into a different stratosphere, beyond the mere confines of "ok".

    Perhaps Lamborghini have become a little too mainstream, a little too willing to make their cars a bit more drive-able (i.e. less scary) and town centre friendly. If Lambo have indeed become a bit too mainstream, than there is no better example of that than the Urus.

    While it is very expensive (so not too mainstream), it lacks certain Lamborghini qualities. Like the Huracán, the Urus appears to be a toned down Lambo. Unlike some people who think this is an ugly car, I do not. It does however appear a bit too safe to be a proper bonkers Lambo. Making an SUV alone was a bold move for the company and perhaps a pointless one. Really, the Urus was made just so Lambo could make a bit more cash. Shocking I know! But the issue with the Urus isn't just the name, it's the fact that it could be rebadged as any other mainstream luxury brand (well, nearly any other) and Joe Public wouldn't notice. Rebadge the Aventador as a Renault and people would definitely notice.

    Lamborghini are good at the moment, they continue to produce great cars. Perhaps I've been too critical. The company is still in touch with its roots, the Sian for example, looks like a proper Lambo.

    But how do you think Lamborghini are doing at the moment? Comment below!👇

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    • I am still 100% a Lamborghini>Ferrari person because I just think all Lamborghinis just retain that hexagonal nuttiness that their competitors dont posess. Then throw the Sian in the mix and its heaven😂

        1 month ago


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