Is Lamborghini Trying To Beat Porsche At The Nurburgring?

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Lamborghini could be trying to set a new record at the Nurburgring for the fastest production car with the upcoming Aventador SV J which is an even more hardcore version of the Aventador SV.

Lamborghini has to beat the current record which was set by a Porsche 911 GT2 RS which lapped the famous race track in a blistering 6 minutes 47.3 second time. Performance wise, the SV J will have close to 780bhp making it one of the most powerful supercars on the market when it releases sometime this summer.

The SV J also gets an aggressive new body kit with a massive front splitter and a new, fixed rear wing is on the back of the car, possibly inspired by the limited run Veneno from a few years ago.

The car also has a new dual-pipe exhaust system that blows engine waste gases out through the middle of the back end, rather than in the centre of the diffuser. This technique, also used by the Huracan Performante, increases the diffuser’s effectiveness by removing exhaust gases from an aerodynamically sensitive area.

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Another interesting thing about this car is that it has the letter J in it's name. If you know your Lamborghini's you know this is a very special part of their naming methods.

You see, the J means Jota and it is reserved for Lamborghini's most hardcore models which include the Miura and the Diablo. Jota cars are also usually limited run models too. Only 28 Diablo Jota's are known to exist and there is only one Miura Jota. This means if you want this Aventador SV J, you're going to have to be very lucky.

Assuming that Lamborghini are going to make less SV J's than regular SV's, pricing will likely jump up in price too. Considering that a new Aventador SV cost about £325,000, the SV J will likely set you back at least £450,000.

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