Is Land Rover any good at the moment?

In a word: Yes

28w ago

Ok, the article ought to go into a bit more detail than that.

Since being bought by Tata Motors in 2008, having previously been run by Ford, things have improved hugely for the green oval marque. Ford ran Land Rover competently but didn't really excite or interest potential costumers, the brand sort of stagnated a bit. Things weren't dire but Land Rover was in need of more than just a new coat of paint.

So, how's the current line-up looking? Pretty great, on the whole. Ignoring the current fifth generation Discovery, the current line-up of Land Rovers is top notch. A lot of fuss has been made over the new Defender, which is unmistakably the modern-day successor to the original. The Range Rover Velar is, I think the best looking car of the current line-up, though it may have also rendered the Range Rover Evoque totally pointless.

A lot of criticism has perhaps rightly, been made of how similar some of the cars on the line-up look. The Velar and the Evoque to the untrained eye are basically the same car. Obviously, the now pointless Evoque remains on sale for money purposes, which is fair enough. But the Velar is better in every single way and now the Evoque just pales in comparison.

The Discovery Sport is a dependable car, it isn't too remarkable but I doubt too many people are going to lose sleep over that. The other Discovery, the main one, is a bit rubbish. The interior is nice but the exterior is a total disaster. I have no idea what the design team were thinking but it looks totally wrong. The Discovery Vision Concept should've posed a warning for what was to come.

But aside the massive mistake that is the current generation Discovery, Land Rover is looking pretty good. Some of the cars on the line-up may need replacing in the next few years, especially the current Range Rover which is coming up on ten years on sale.

Land Rover is now a respected luxury brand, some may roll their eyes at the thought and reality of Land Rover being a luxury brand, but if you look at their history, it's been heading that way since the first Range Rover was launched fifty years ago.

But what do YOU think of Land Rover, are they doing well or are they slipping down the motoring ladder? Comment below!πŸ‘‡

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  • I’d say they’re at their best right now, than any moment before in their history.

    Sure, they have a lot of overlap, but the key models stand out.

    Would I like them to have a cheaper entry level vehicle with AWD, a la Duster? Yes, but then again Land Rover is more expensive than ever too...

    So basically they’ve gotten really good, but at the cost of, well, the cost

      6 months ago