Is Lewis Hamilton unstoppable? | ABU DHABI GP LIVE REVIEW

2y ago

After rounding out the season in style, we ask the question, is Lewis Hamilton unstoppable?

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Comments (2)

  • I must say: this lad is the Senna of the new generation. He performs both in dry and wet, he delivers both in fast or technical circuits. If his team did much of the job? They did, as did Mclaren Honda back in the day with Prost and Senna. If this year he had one "hellagood" of a Wingman? He did. Nontheless, he hasn't breakdown under pressure as did Vettel, nor he forgot his brain as did Verstappen on multiple occasions. Hamilton has it all: a great team (and in close detail, his Race Engineer is somewhat a damn good one), an almost godlike of a team-mate and he has both the mental and technical strenghts one must have to become a F1 World Champion.

      2 years ago
    • Even as a Hamilton hater, I have to concede he's done brilliantly this year.

        2 years ago