Is Mclaren Gearing Up to officially debut in India?

Reports suggest that McLaren will open its first dealership in Mumbai, India.

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Genesis of Road going Mclarens

It was September 1988 just after the Italian Grand Prix where the mythical MP4/4 failed to win a race and the only race of the season Mclaren-Honda failed to win. After the race company’s directors, Ron Dennis, Creighton Brown, Mansour Ojjeh and Murray, sat in Milan’s airport and started shooting ideas to expand their business, Dennis was keen to expand McLaren’s business, capitalising on its engineering and materials prowess. Ojjeh suggested the road car. but neither of them were interested in building a “regular'' supercar, not least because that would be too easy for a dominant team in f1 back then. So, The Legendary Mclaren F1 was conceived. designed by legendary car designer Gordan Murray and also marking Mclaren's venture into road cars.

After 1992 the year Mclaren F1 was debuted Mclaren didn't launch any new Mclaren production car, that is up until 2011 when Mclaren decided to go full throttle on their Road going cars by launching the Mclaren MP4/12 and a year later Mclaren introduced the holy grail of then touted as the hypercar of the future ''The Mclaren P1'' which was a hybrid V8 powered 990 odd horsepower machine that borrowed some similar technology used in f1 cars back then which was called 'KERS'.

Since, then Mclaren Automotive kept rapidly launching new models, year after year which is impressive for a new company to drop new models every year and still design and develop them to be far superior to their competition and more importantly their predecessor, but this strategy might not bode well for McLaren in the future, but that's a whole another article on that topic.

Despite launching 18-20 different models and 6 of them being the ultimate series, since 2011, privileged Indians could not outright buy a Mclaren in India. There are few examples of imported Mclarens but one can simply imagine how horrid it is to import a supercar in a country like India or maybe any other country with high tariffs and import duty.

But, Now Rejoice All Mclaren Fans In India

Yes, reports are suggesting that Mclaren is officially launching in India and if we are to go by the Instagram post, posted by Manoj Lulla 'founder of Madras Exotic Car Club' first supercar club in south India.

In his post he writes '' Mclaren finally enters India, would know official prices next week''

There are reports that suggest Mclaren might start their venture into Indian market with one dealership in the beginning and the location of their first dealership might be in Mumbai, Maharashtra and if the reports are to be believed than the Infinity cars got the rights to sell the supercars from woking in India.

currently Infinity cars represents brands like Ferrari, Aston Martin, Roll Royce, BMW, Lamborghini , Porsche and Ducati. so, its safe to say Infinity Cars knows what they're doing when it comes to dealing with high end cars and its no suprise Mclaren Chose them to partner them in their new venture.

The McLaren official website configurator advertises the option for “India” spec if you wish to configure the McLaren 720S model. So, this might suggest 720s is going to the first model Mclaren is going to launch in the country.

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  • Really looking forward to seeing some Mclarens on the road. Finally!!

      3 months ago
    • 3 months ago
    • Guilty, will make sure won't do something as hideous as this. Ever.

        3 months ago
    • Thank you, for pointing out my mistake and intentional one that I have to admit I know how bad plagiarism is and I have committed one. And this will always remain a low point in my life but as I have said I won't do such thing in the future and as...

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        3 months ago
  • The roads concern me (I've heard they're not good)

    But still, great news!

      3 months ago
    • That's definitely a concern but we already have brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini and others that have done quite well on these roads and occasionally you do get on a piece of tarmac that's just as beautifully paved as the view around

        3 months ago
  • Hope it works for them as our Indians be like lambo or ferrari is the best in their opinion

      3 months ago
    • Honestly, I am a bit sceptical about McLaren in India, because they have a lot of serious reliability issues and I am concerned whether McLaren can have a technical team that can handle those many issues because quite frankly there so many ...

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        3 months ago
    • Yup the technical team has to be strong. And only 1 dealership in India will not work. It is gonna be hard for owners to take their car to dealership etc.

        3 months ago