Is Nico Rosberg Planning A Return To Motorsport?

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Good ol' Nico Rosberg, the man who fulfilled his boyhood dreams and then immediately retired. That still doesn't sit well with me. I will never bemoan a person for wanting to spend more time with their family but the way Nico Rosberg retired always left me wondering why? Rosberg v. Hamilton was going to be another one of the great F1 rivalries and in an instant it was gone.

I understood his desire to spend more time with his family but it always felt like there was more going on. In a recent interview Lewis Hamilton discussed retirement, "You can't come back to F1. Whatever happens, you are gonna miss it. If it's next year, if it's five years from now, you're gonna miss it when you finish. " Hamilton said.

Nico was a guest of Hugo Boss at the Formula E season opener in Hong Kong

Nico was a guest of Hugo Boss at the Formula E season opener in Hong Kong

Nico retiring so soon after he climbed the mountain had to leave him with some regrets. He had to watch this past season and feel the pull to get back in a car. So when news began to surface surrounding Nico and a possible return to motorsport I was less than surprised. Personally that return should be in Formula 1. We as fans deserve to see one final fight between Nico and Lewis. However, it appears that return would probably take place in the all electron series known as Formula E.

Rosberg was on hand at the Formula E season opener in Hong Kong this past weekend and was very complementary of the series. "I know quite a lot, I have been following it. It has an amazing future, a great future. It is on the right track and Alejandro (Agag, series co-founder and CEO) is awesome as well so he is going to do the right stuff." Rosberg continued, "The hype is there for e-mobility and that is why there is a guaranteed great future for this, because people are going to be watching and this is going to be the technology of the future battling. It is going to be right here. Never has there been a racing series where the technology is so one-to-one. It goes from the race car into the road car of the future that we are all going to be driving. All the best brands in the world are here fighting each other so it is awesome."

When asked if all that awesomeness has him thinking about a return to motorsport Rosberg didn't deny it. "Let's wait and see. I'm open to explore so let's see what the possibilities are, but I'm definitely interested."

So if a former F1 World Champion is "definitely interested" why doesn't he have a drive right now? My guess is finances or sponsorship or any of the thousands of things that go into getting a driver into a car, got in the way. Scheduling could have not matched up, Rosberg might have received an offer that was not to his liking. Formula 1 stars get paid a metric shit ton of money and being offered much less than that to drive is a difficult pill to swallow for someone who went out on top.

One of two things are happening here. One, Rosberg was a guest of Hugo Boss, a company that just so happens to be a major sponsor in Formula E, was there singing the praises of the series to make his host look better. Or, Two, he is serious, he likes what he sees in Formula E and wants a piece of the action.

Personally I think hes got the itch to go racing again. I think Formula E's recent explosion in popularity among manufactures has made him take a look at the series and think it might not be the most embarrassing place to make a comeback.

See this all goes back to how Nico retired and how it never sat well with me. I think he seriously thought that he only had it in him to beat Lewis Hamilton once. With Ferrari's rise he would face more competition than ever and that gets to him. He stated during his retirement that the competition with Lewis took a huge toll on him mentally.

Enter Formula E and its still small time status. Yes some former F1 drivers race there. Yes, huge names are entering the sport like Porsche and Mercedes. The series is on the rise there is no doubt about that but it is still small time. Formula E's brand recognition isn't there yet, it isn't known on the global scale like Formula 1. It is still a small pond in which Rosberg would be the biggest fish.

We all have egos. F1 drivers have the biggest egos on planet earth. They all want to be the biggest, baddest most liked person in every room they walk into. Nico would be the biggest name, biggest celebrity in Formula E. With that would come all the attention, all the praise all the ego stroking these guys require in their lives.

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