Is Peugeot any good at the moment?

How does Peugeot look at the moment, have they improved things or are they just churning out the usual old rubbish?

1y ago

Now, Peugeot are not the most respected of car brands, at least not amongst car enthusiasts. Peugeots of old were dull, unreliable and in practically every way, utterly dreadful. Jeremy Clarkson and James May as some of you may remember, went through the bizarre history of Peugeot and did point out, that Peugeot did once make genuinely great cars. The following segment while downright hilarious, does show how Peugeot were perceived as a brand at the time.

The film was shot around five years ago, so have Peugeot managed to move beyond this reputation?

Strange though it may seem, but Peugeot have produced some interesting cars of late, cars that appear to have broken away from the typical image associated with Peugeot. Some of these cars (such as the 208) are genuinely good cars.

However, the notion that Peugeot are on some sort of hot streak of success is nonsense. Simply put, Peugeot still do what they do best and that is producing bland and unremarkable cars.

In the last ten years, nearly every car brand has improved in some way and Peugeot is no exception. Peugeots made today are so much better than the versions made in 2010. However, in terms of mainstream car brands, Peugeot are still near the bottom of the pile. Perhaps this is an image problem but modern day Peugeots today appear to be well-built (to some degree) and fairly functional. I suppose the cars they produce today are just seen as a bit boring but dependable and I can see why a potential customer would opt for a car of that description.

But what do you think of Peugeot right now, are they in a good place or not? Comment your thoughts down below!👇

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Comments (3)

  • The Peugeots I see on the road look ok. But that’s the problem; if your cars aren’t remarkable, then they’re “unremarkable”, and in such a competitive business nobody wants to buy an unremarkable car. If you have a loyal fan base they will take you on trust and continue to buy your cars for a while, but if you continually fail to excite you will eventually lose your customers. Peugeot needs a shot in the arm. They need to create something that’s going to make people turn around and look at them again. If they don’t do it soon, I fear they are doomed. It’ll be back to bicycles and pepper grinders.

      1 year ago
  • Definitely, id love to see more of the new 208, maybe a gti soon?

      1 year ago
  • When my wife and I stayed in Europe, we leased brand new Peugeot 508 station wagon 2 litre petrol with 6-speed manual. Besides few but very annoying electronics issues, which is pretty much expected with modern cars, it was spacious, very nice car to drive and live with. Though, it could do with extra few kWs.

      1 year ago