Is Porsche about to knock Tesla off its EV perch?

Alex Goy posted in News

4d ago


Alex Goy is a freelance motoring journalist who has written for the likes of Motor1, Carfection and CNET.

Each week he will be taking a look at the biggest news in the car world, right here on DriveTribe. This week: Infiniti bows out, Porsche poaches Tesla sales, Mitsubishi stops doing a thing, and is the rule breaking McLaren a 720?


In the post-Geneva comedown there’s usually scant interesting news kicking around – after all, most manufacturers have shot their bolt in a Swiss expo hall. Not so this time ‘round.

Infiniti bites the dust… in Western Europe

When was the last time you thought about an Infiniti? I’ll wait… Yeah, me either.

Seems pretty much everyone thought the same way, and now Infiniti is pulling out of the UK and Western Europe. Not just because of sales, but emissions regs as well. It will carry on doing its thing, though, concentrating on Eastern Europe, the US, the middle east, Asia, and China.

It’s always a shame to see a manufacturer throw in the towel, but Infiniti never really made an impact in the UK. Maybe it’ll be back, maybe it won’t. Who knows…

Porsche’s EV is Taycan sales from Tesla (groan)

Demand for Porsche’s Taycan EV is huge – double what was expected – and Porsche’s upping production to match. Speaking with, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume noted that more than 50% of Taycan customers are new to the brand. And they drive Teslas. Tesla’s been the king of the EV tree for a while, it seems Porsche may be about to push it off its perch.

Mitsubishi will no longer make sports cars and that’s… sad?

It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything remotely sporty from Mitsubishi. In fact, I don’t think it’s even bothered to pack its gym kit in a long ‘ol while.

This week it was confirmed that the Japanese company is out of the sports car game entirely, instead focussing on SUVs and the like. Why? More people buy SUVs than sports cars and Mitsubishi is a business that likes to make money. The only way to make money is to either create something so world bending that no one can live without it, or go where the money is.

McLaren’s rule breaker a 720GT?

According to Shmee150’s team on this very site the McLaren that’ll break all the GT rules could be based on the 720S. The GT treatment worked well on the 570S, so there’s no reason it wouldn’t on the 720S either.

Fact is – the 720S is awesome, so giving it more boot space will only make it awesomerer. Or something. Though I’d love to be in the engineering meeting to figure out engine cooling..