Is Porsche Joining the Game?

1y ago


We all know that concept cars may or may not make it to production and if they do, they are often drastically different than when we are first introduced to them at the auto show. However, If Porsche does deliver the Mission E to dealerships. Tesla will definitely be looking at a new contender in the electric car arena.

The Mission E boasts some impressive power and range, offering a top speed of 240 km/h (150 MPH) and almost 500 km (310 miles) on a single charge.

It also has one of the coolest safety features I’ve ever seen. Instead of mirrors, the car has cameras that project an image into the inside of the windshield, helping eliminate blind spots and keeping everybody safer.

How cool is that!

The Mission E surprisingly comes in at reasonable price of $85,000. So Tesla better be ready for what’s headed their way.

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