Is Renault any good at the moment?

Renault have had an interesting and varied history, but how does Renault look in 2020?

29w ago

Out of the three French brands of Citroën, Peugeot and Renault, it is the final one of the three that I find to be the most interesting and generally the better brand. All three brands have a rather patchy history when it comes to reliability. However, in our more enlightened times, cars have arguably never been more reliable than they are now.

According to this 2017 article, Renaults are generally quite reliable. There's more to it than just that, so have a read if you're interested. But from this, Renaults must surely be a far cry from the ones built decades ago.

So, has the reliability issue that has arguably cast a shadow over Renault's better achievements vanished?

Looking at Renault's modern line-up, I must say that it isn't looking too bad at all.

A lot of today's Renaults seem genuinely fun and to a degree, compelling. Much like Peugeot and Citroën however, Renault appear to mostly produce dependable cars. Occasionally a fun car will indeed slip through the net such as the Renault Twingo. But perhaps that isn't entirely true, the Renault Captur seems like a fairly good car.

Renault appear to produce good cars these days, they have nice interiors and exteriors and at least according to the article linked above, they are reasonably reliable. A far cry from the Renaults of old, I'm sure. Renaults that Joe Public can buy seem to be getting better practically all the time, but as for Renault's various motorsport avenues, that may require a different look.

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Comments (2)

  • Definitely not bad, but not much better then there competitors, and for every failure, renualt had an absolutely mad car that was normal, until they shoved its engine up it’s arse and now they don’t (twingo doesn’t count) its about average with some areas thriving and some not so much, but it has no halo car which makes them less desirable. I’d say Peugeot is doing best atm and Citroen, ok even though I have a soft Spot for them it’s a clusterfuck there, but those two have and have had utterly eye watering concept cars as halos, but renualt doesn’t

      6 months ago
  • There are very few bad cars nowadays, but the big problem for the likes of Renault is that there are lots of excellent cars. I think they’re doing okay, and I think just edging ahead of Peugeot with some quite groovy looking offerings.

      6 months ago