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  • No.. but teaming up with Nissan was a good idea

      1 year ago
  • Nowhere near. The 60’s-90’s were brilliant:

    -R8 gordini

    -r12 gordini

    -fuego turbo

    - 5 turbo/gt turbo

    -alpine a110/310/610/gta

    - safrane biturbo

    -21 turbo quadra

    -sport spider

    I probably missed a few but they are the best. So no. Renault isn’t better than ever

      1 year ago
    • But compared to others they have held their qualities quiete well:

      -the Twizy

      -the Alpine (new and old)

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        1 year ago
    • The Zoe and twizy are crap cars. All that I said are pretty good. The pros do not outweigh the cons

        1 year ago