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  • Whoever clicked on Overrated probably is massively biased. It's for sure not overhyped. A lot of people hate them, because they're doing things different, they try new stuff. The people who do love them though often drive a Tesla and can really tell wether their car is good or not. I mean just because some german Shell sponsored magazine told you they are shit, doesn't mean they are. And calling it a "coal car" isn't correct at all. They produce their cars of renewables, and most Tesla owners cab charge their car of renewables as well. And despite the fact, that EVERY liter of petrol and diesel requiere around 7kWh to produce (and don't expect energy sources in Saudi Arabia to be better than in Europe for example.) it's so stupid to constantly bring back those meaningless hate and fake posts about Teslas.

    22 days ago
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  • Who else hates tesla not JUST because they are electric

    21 days ago
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