- T​he experince with the Alpine A110 Legende GT (for 15 days)

I​s That A Porsche? No Its An Alpine

A​ piece of writing about the experience of 'living with an alpine A110' (Owned for 15 days)

9w ago

N​ow n again you get asked what type of car is that and I most commonly respond with its a French sports car (which is probably a bit harsh of what this thing can do) but anyway people look at you like its a rare supercar or old classic which is refreshing but I tend to get the, "oh nice Porsche" or "nice Alfa" you tell me if that's a compliment or not.

The problem is that know body knows what it is, or maybe that's a good thing. The point im trying to make here is that for such a cool car its let down by its rarity. e.g you go down down to the pub and have to explain what the car is for an hour for them to half know what it is and by then they've probably gone to sleep due to boredom.

S​o there's positives and negatives, but do you really care about these small imperfections of such an amazing car? Of course you don't you buy it to drive it.

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