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I​s the 1940 Aston Martin Type C Speed Model good looking?
  • O​f course!
  • K​ind of...
  • O​f course not!

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Comments (9)

  • i like it a lot, very classy!

      22 days ago
    • I agree! I first learned about this and the Ulster in an Up to Speed vid about Aston.

        22 days ago
    • i haven’t watched up to speed about aston, i might now 😂

        22 days ago
  • To say this is merely good looking almost seems an affront to the very idea of beauty. 😉

      22 days ago
  • Thanks for putting this up Mason. I have never seen this. Gets two 👍👍 from me. I'd rock that whip.

      22 days ago
  • The headlights kinda ruin it a bit, but otherwise it is very good looking

      22 days ago
    • The headlights were a bit off, I agree. But it’s a beautiful car, I think.

        21 days ago
  • Nope, it’s ugly

      12 days ago


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