Is the 1990 Ferrari 641 the sexiest F1 ever?

The Ferrari 641's subtle curves were hard to render with Lego bricks, but I had to try because this car is just so pretty! #formula1 #Lego #classics

3y ago

The 1990 Ferrari 641 is, in my eyes at least, one of the the most elegant designs of F1 history, with its smooth, rounded design around tightly packaged sidepods, and those narrow air intakes just behind the front suspension.

The livery helped too, with the simple look of the classic, pre-heavy Marlboro sponsorship look: some deep red, a spot of blue for the FIAT logo, and some dashes of yellow for sponsor Agip. I still maintain this is the best Ferrari livery ever!

But the 641 wasn't just pretty, it was also very competitive. Prost scored 5 wins, Mansell 1. Prost was Senna's main title challenger yet again, but famously lost his bid when the two collided at Suzuka.

Sadly, with Prost being sacked next season after having criticized his car, and a string of uncompetitive designs, Ferrari wouldn't be challenging for another title before the arrival of Michael Schumacher, 7 years later.

Those curves were hard to make, I hope I didn't disrespect one of my favorite cars too much! But I just had to try.

As always, you can get voting for next week's car. But, as we near the end of the season and of this series of Lego F1 car, I've only put 2 cars up on the vote. Choose wisely!

I'll of course be posting instructions and parts lists on this tribe in the following days.

As I've said, I'll end this series of builds soon. I'll build 4 more cars, 3 that you will be able to vote for, and a fourth special one for the "season finale", the week after the last race in Abu Dhabi.

After this, I won't be building a car a week anymore. But that doesn't mean I won't build anything! I have a couple of exciting ideas coming together, some about F1, some not.

So stay tuned for all of this!

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