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Is The 530i More Of A Luxury or Sporty Sedan?

I was given the chance to drive a friends 530i for a bit. Here are my thoughts

BMW, as we all know it, makes sport and luxury cars. Some of them are either more sporty or more luxurious. The 5-series has known to be a little bit of both for almost half of a century. In today's world, the question is this: has the 5-series gone more luxury based or is it more of a sports sedan? Some people want more comfort while others want more get-up-and-go. Let's find out.

Exterior Styling

"...can bring harm..."

​As for almost all BMW 5 series, the edges and lines always meet to form a body that looks sporty and relaxed at the same time. So far, the 530i stays the same when it comes to sporty and luxurious in the looks department on the outside. Beautiful to look at, but one must be on the lookout because it can bring harm. A design almost all BMW's have.

Interior Design

"...might not only be..."

The interior of the 530i offers not only a luxurious feel but sporty as well. The leather, plastic, trim, and the rest of the interior blend well together. The sporty side? The bucket seats might not only be comfortable and supportive, but they hold the driver and others in place while going into corners. Even in the interior, BMW still have kept the 530i both sporty and luxurious in the looks and in the physical category.


"...is where everything..."

The 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder in the 530i produces a mere 248 horsepower and 258 foot pounds of torque. Funny enough, all of it can be used and felt. Throttle response, when put into sport mode, is sharp and quick. Acceleration is not as fast as the transmission changing gears after pressing the paddle-shifter, but it is there. Steering is tight and focused. But the suspension and handling is where everything takes place. The suspension keeps everything neat and tidy while turning into corners. Turn on "Comfort" mode and almost everything described above changes full circle. The suspension just keeps the ride comfort to the fullest. Performance, even for BMW, stays between comfort and sporty for the 5-series.


"...puts a smile..."

So, is the BMW 5 series more luxurious or sporty? Based on the evidence described above, the simple answer is no. BMW has kept the formula the same for the 5 series; make the body look beautiful, decorate the interior and make it feel as nice as it looks, and give the performance luxury and when needed, something that puts a smile on their face when the pedal is buried in the floor. All of this for an MSRP starting just under $54,000. That is a small price to pay for something like the 530i. But, I would still prefer the Alfa Romeo Giulia for the same price. It is better in every aspect.

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  • The ride is comfy and when you ad the M-Sport seats it’s a good feeling car, just the engine is lacking a bit. Needs the 6 and it feels like a completely different car. Like the 5 series was in its glory days.

      1 year ago
  • It’s more sporty

      1 year ago
  • @tribe New article is up!

      1 year ago