Is the Aston Martin DBX the best-looking SUV ever?

1y ago

I've used the Am online configurator to build "my" own DBX and I've come to the conclusion that this must be the best-looking SUV ever made. I've selected every package, except the bike package, including 'elegance', 'expression', '1913' and something called the 'sanctuary' package. The colour is Q Iridescent Emerald with 22'' satin black and bronze diamond tuned wheels, with Q Madagascar Orange calipers. For the interior I've selected Californian Poppy leather with electron yellow contrast stitching while everything else, including the Alcantara headliner and thick pile floor mats, are Spicy Red. I've also opted the Gloss Bronze Veneer. I'm quite happy with it, I think the DBX looks tremendous and, more to the point, perhaps for the first time ever, I'm not gonna say it looks good "for a SUV", I'd say it looks good. Full Stop. What do you think?

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