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Is the Aston Martin Victor a true Aston?
  • Of course it is!
  • Kinda...
  • No it is not!
  • Other thoughts? Comment!

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  • There are only three cars Aston has made that aren't true Astons:




      26 days ago
    • Fair point. One question. You are referring to the Lagonda Taraf? As in not the old one? Fair enough opinion but can I ask why you refer the Lagonda Taraf as not an Aston? I really love that car and it’s probably my favourite executive sedan of...

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        26 days ago
    • I'm referring to the old one, as it is ugly, which is not an Aston trait at all

        26 days ago
  • Image credit: Motor1.Com, 2020, cdn.motor1.com/images/mgl/gL0Zg/s3/aston-martin-victor-front-3-4.jpg. Accessed 4 Sept. 2020.

      26 days ago
  • POWER,BEAUTY and SOUL.It has all

      26 days ago