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Is the Audi RS4 Avant all the car you need?

Have Audi found the perfect split personality with this car?

2y ago

I have a split outlook about Estates. I think that Estates can be the perfect car for an individual. But I am also never convinced about the looks of any estate. To me it looks like a sedan that has been bumped by a truck or a stretched sedan.

Carmakers though these days find it a bit difficult to have the perfect split personality estate. They either make it a bit too powerful or make it a bit too civil.

I think I have found an estate which has a perfect split personality.

That car comes from a carmaker who has been finding this balance for a long time: Audi

What I look for in an estate is a car that will take you quietly to your home at night when you will be tired from your 9 to 5 job, and will wake you up in the morning with its weird but intreging sounding V6s.

This car has the perfect blend of everything. The doubt that people have had about this car is that whether the V6 would suit it but the truth is that it suits it quite efficiently.

In terms of options there is one option you certainly shouldn't tick. That option is Audi's Dynamic Steering. It just is not able to coordinate with the Sport Differential. Except this option you can go ahead and tick all the option including the Aluminium wheels (which save 2 kilos) and the Carbon Ceramic Brakes.

Credit: MotorVerso.com

Credit: MotorVerso.com

On its dosile back, the RS4 has 505litre boot and a twin-turbo V6 capable of producing 450hp and 600Nm torque.

I think the RS4 is an underestimated car. In a city it is silent but when you get a good piece of road and put your foot down, it makes a really good noise.

Quite fun also to drive on an open road. Really does come alive.

People might have criticised this V6, but with the sports exhaust option it satisfies your ears and also delievers the goods.

The V6 makes some weird sounds like some whines but the sound is quite interesting and intreging also.

In terms of a one car garage, I think an estate is always the best bet. But then why not go for a C63 or E63. I no its enticement is on another level. Pulling up long oversteers is good, really good but in terms of an all-rounder, the RS4 excels perfectly.

The RS4 for me is the best all-rounder on the planet.

Audi rs4 avant


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  • Yes, it is all the car I need. But would I buy one?

    Probably only when I'm not in my senses. Because there are far more cooler cars for the same money.

      2 years ago