Is the Bentley Continental GTC the pinnacle of Grand-Tourers?

14w ago


Is the Premier League resuming again? Is Harry Kane searching for a new car? These are the kind of questions that a normal English man bored by the presence of Georgian Gates, High-class Barbeques, Range Rover Sports and Bentleys in Cheshire asks. But the launch of a new Bentley Continental not always means that the Premier League elite will be queuing at the Bentley ownerships.

The footballers need comfort after burning themselves in extreme conditions for the full 90-odd minutes. That is what this Bentley leather-wrap gives them. But we are to here to sympathise with the footballers. We are here to see whether this is the best Grand-Tourer in the market.

The GTC is the peak of luxury with the sun over your head. I do understand that arguments will start that 'Where's the Rolls-Royce Dawn then?'. The Dawn is very good, luxurious but like every Rolls, its not nice to drive. Its completely neutral to drive. The Bentley however will give you the thrill while you are on your way to the Alpine. That W12 engine with the superb eight-speed dual-clutch transmission is all you need in your long journey.

If the Rolls-Royce Dawn is 'elegance', then the GTC is ‘elegance coupled with speed’. 0-100 km/h takes 3.8 seconds (0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds) and it'll go all the way till 333 km/h (207 mph). Sometimes your Grand Tour has to end early.

Sport mode makes the steering sharp and capable and every part of the car shakes itself and starts to concentrate. The brakes also try and cope up with the rapid changes in the car but just aren't good. Make that headrest work, put it in Comfort mode and adore that leather and wood, twice as old as your Grandfather.


Can anybody fault that interior? If yes, then please fall off a cliff because this is the perfect interior. The best interior you can have in a car. And when that beautiful sun over your head falls on the dash, then that spectacle is better than the Mona Lisa. Sorry Leonardo Da Vinci.

At the back though, things are not quite as comfy , you'll literally have to chop the legs of two elders to make them sit there. Children might just squeeze in there but will be cribbing the whole trip. When Bentley was making something so good then why did it bother to give this two rear seats that are as useful as the age of the wood in this.

Open-top grand touring is something that makes you become a part of the whole ambience of the beautiful panaroma. That is what the Bentley does.

The tailored roof opens in 19 seconds. All this comes at its cost and looking that this will give the heat to the likes of the Ferrari Portofino and Aston Martin DB11 Volante, Bentley has given this a hefty price tag of £175,000.

So we do find the biggest downside of this well-tailored machine. That is the amount of the cheque you will have to give Bentley. You can also give your bank balance some more thinning by ticking the £54,530 worth of options.

The Serenity and style comes at a price and that price hampers the rating ever-so slightly

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