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Here it is: the RUF CTR. It is the best 911 to exist. Here's why.

Earlier in the 80's, the as yet humble RUF brand made the BTR. Before this, they made the SCR and Turbo 3.3. The BTR was different as it was the fastest car in the world in 1983 beating Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari's offers for supercars at 190mph.

5 years later though, in 1987. Times had changed and the cars had changed. 197mph was given by the Porsche 959 and the Ferrari F40 managed 201mph. So, RUF needed to blow away the competition. So, here came the blindingly yellow CTR. The best way to introduce it is by watching Faszination on the Nürburgring. Skip to lap 2 for outside shots.

Also, here is a documentary on RUF if you haven't heard of them.

Now. How fast did it go? 211mph. 211. In 1987. Wow. Something else is that it only had 463bhp. Twelve less of it's rival: the F40. Very good aerodynamic engineering this.

If you were a PS2/3 player. You may have great memories of this car, same with anyone who played Forza Motorsport 5/Horizon 2 or the 7 people (including me) who played Driver: San Francisco. I know I do. From these games, I can tell you that this is such a cool car to drive. Seen as this is a 911 and the 959 is too I'll compare these two (I just want to say the F40 is better than both.)

This..... is a Porsche 959.

This..... is a Porsche 959.

0-60 wise, the 959 battered anything during the 80's and 90's except from, funnily enough, the Ford RS200 Evolution was 0.4 seconds faster (3.0 sec) but after 60mph the CTR wins, around a track, same story. The 959 also isn't as incredible to drive as the CTR and doesn't look as good either. I would hazard a guess to say that the 959 has a tad more comfortability and practicality but this a hypothesis.

The CTR is a beautifully crafted machine made by the greatest German engineers to exist. Their story is amazing, their cars are amazing and they're still going strong today.

To finish. There's good news for this car in videogames. In Gran Turismo Sport the RUF brand has been reintroduced with the CTR3 and in a recently leaked car list in Forza Horizon 4 where the CTR2 was listed. If this means the Yellowbird will be back, you may not see me here for a bit because I will be a bit busy.

Thank you for reading. I really suggest you watch the two videos in your own time. Goodbye.

I have 2 questions left. They are.........

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  • I personally would take a 911 over a RUF only because I want a Porsche branded as a Porsche. though the RUF gives incredible performance, I just think the normal 911 is enough. though if I had driven and experienced the difference between a RUF and a Porsche, it would be easier to decide.

      1 year ago
    • Porsche’s 911 does give a very good and useable performance. RUF actually did one called the RGT based on the 996 which was very useable too. They are also very meticulous and take so much pride in every car they build/convert

        1 year ago
  • 9ff V400 mate

      1 year ago
  • I kinda have to agree with you

      1 year ago