Is The BMW M5 F10 The BEST Sounding Sedan Ever?!

      It's a BIG yes for me! #bmw #bmwm5 #m5f10 #exhaust #twinturbo

      3y ago



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      • Im sorry but but I am gonna have to call you out on this one and say that the e60 M5 with the naturally aspirated V10 sounded way better.

          3 years ago
      • Sorry, but I have to strongly disagree on this one. As a late model F10 BMW M5 current owner with a standard exhaust, none of these on the video clip sound good, let alone like a V8 to me - the one in the tunnel in Monaco sounds like a trumpet, the rest like they are trumpeting! I'd take an E39 M5 sound any day over these. If someone out there makes an exhaust for the F10 M5 that makes it sound like a proper V8, please let me know. Thanks.

          3 years ago
        • you likely or should know better, a v8 has a synchronised firing pattern, thus the even rumble...whereas the m5 V10 is uneven...a pair od 5 cylinder engines......more food grinder than drum beat

            3 years ago
        • @Shaun - my F10 is a V8...the same as the ones in the video...

            3 years ago
      • cant help but i dont like the noise of any turbo engine, the sound like they are broken. Normal aspirated v10's and v8's or the old shool 850 and 750 v12's sound so much better to me.

          3 years ago


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