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Is The BMW X7 A Great Family SUV Or Executive Carriage?

I had the keys to this BMW X7 for a week. Here are my thoughts.

BMW is known for making cars for both the driver and passenger. The M series cars are certainly for drivers while mainly the 6, 7 and 8 series models are mainly for those who like to be driven around. SUV's on the other hand, are pointed towards families. Sure, there are performance variants but who really uses SUV's for sport? Exactly. So, is the X7 great for families, or is it more for those who like to be driven around. Let's find out.

Exterior Styling

"...sort of looks like..."

The exterior design of the BMW X7 is big and bulky like a lineman in the NFL. It shows that it means business. The grille reminds me of gritting teeth that you wold show your opponent to intimidate them. But, it seems a bit unnecessary to have the kidney grilles that large. The back-end of the X7 sort of looks like a minivan. And this is upsetting because it isn't one.


Interior Design

"...feels like a..."

The interior of the X7 is where everything mainly counts to see if it is for the family or an executive in a business. Yes, the interior is as large as what the exterior allows. The panels, the leather, and trim all blend together to make one feel comfortable. The shifter knob is a glassy gem that screams luxury. The interior space is large, the seats are heated up to the second row, and the each seat is powered. The back ones power down to give more trunk space though. What helps for the family is that the trunk opens up and the bottom part of the lid folds down to extend and help one with what could be groceries or small furniture. Also, every seat has a USB port for charging devices. But, the ambient lighting is what really brings out the luxury. Colors can be changed around and the panoramic roof had LED lights too that change to the designated color. It all feels like a limousine. Talk about luxury.

Pricing and Options

So, how much does this X7M XDrive50i cost? Just over $112,200. What does this price include for this massive SUV? For safety, the X7 comes with active driving assistant, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, park distance control, run-flat tires, dynamic brake control, stability control, dynamic brake control, all-wheel drive, and adaptive cruise control. For comfort and convenience, the X7 comes with leather dashboard, Apple CarPlay, wireless phone charging, Wi-Fi hotspot, Bowers and Wilkins sound system, heads-up display, heated and cooling cup holders for front occupants, multi-contour leather seats, second-row captains chairs, power sun shades for back door glass, heated front armrests, soft close doors, and gesture control for the infotainment system.


"...glides along like an..."

The twin-turbo V8 in the X7 produces nearly 540 horsepower. That is plenty for the big behemoth the X7 is. What is great about the X7 is the handling. Since it has active ride suspension, no bumps are really noticed unless they are speed bumps. Highway speeds feel like absolutely nothing. It is almost like the X7 just glides along like an ice skater. The steering can be light and dainty or hard and controlled depending on the driving mode. As for fuel economy, someone who is looking to get this vehicle probably does not care but I was able to achieve a whopping 16 miles to the gallon combined.


So, is the X7 a great family SUV or is it for the executive? Honestly, it is great for both the family and executive. It has the space and room for children, luggage, groceries, and cahrging ports for their devices. For the executive, the X7 has the space to move around, relax, enjoy a heated seat while charging their phone and making business deals on the road while enjoying the lighting and complete comfort of the ride. But, I will say one thing: The executive will appreciate the X7 more for what it is and everything it offers. Kids just like going places and do not have the same appreciation.

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