I​s the Buick Enclave good enough to compete?

H​ow good is the big Buick after 3 years on the market?

38w ago

E​ver though it came out 3 years ago, I think the Enclave is one of the best looking SUV out there. At any price. The design is still modern and classy. And, even on the top of the line Avenir version pictured here, nothing is overdone.

I​t still, to me, looks like a giant Opel (Which it might have been intended to be at some point? We'll never know...)

S​ame thing inside. Everything is of high quality and has a solid, high end feel.

T​he seats are very comfortable (still too bad the headrests don't adjust forward). The rear seat is very roomy. (And you get two more in the back)

T​he Bose stereo is excellent. Even without the "counterpoint' feature that is offered in GM's Cadillac models. The only thing that bothers me was the interior cover from the giant panoramic sunroof. Which was, for some reason, not powered. And the handle used to slide it close or open is of a cheap hard plastic. Not a big deal, but something you really notice in an otherwise fantastic interior. And also: why??? This is a $59 000 car!

A​s expected, the drive is smooth and quiet. And the 3.6 Liter V6 has plenty of power. This, basically is as comfortable as the Cadillac CT-6. And a bit roomier as well. For over $10 000 less!

T​he steering is light but precise. And doesn't have the artificial feel of many. The transmission always seems to be in the right gear. This is a very luxurious driving experience..

T​he Enclave is rated at 17/25MPG. I was not really able to squeeze 17MPG out of it around town. More like 15. But had no problem getting almost 30MPG on the highway.

Y​es, I really think the Enclave is more than good enough to compete. You don't really need to get the loaded Avenir version to get a great large SUV. You can still get a very well equipped one for under $50 000. Which means it also competes with large crossovers like the Kia Telluride, Hyundai Palisade and others. And GM usually offers big discounts on their large models.

T​he Enclave is due for a few changes for the 2021 model year (which is right around the corner) If GM asked me (they won't, as usual...) I would tell them to ad a power cover for the sunroof, as mentioned earlier. But also a wider screen on the dashboard. (These days, 8 inches isn't that much to brag about)

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