- 2019 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS Convertible

Is The Camaro SS Finally The Better Muscle Car?

The sixth generation Camaro has been around since 2016. That is nearly 50 years of new Camaro models as long as no one is counting the near 9 year hiatus. As the Camaro goes along in this generation, there has been a refresh for the 2019 model year. With the Challenger and the Mustang being the only competition, how does this refresh compare to them? Let's dive in to find out.

Exterior Styling

"...as a kid seeing a candy..."

The exterior of the Camaro with the refresh was a smart move by Chevrolet. Everything about the front fascia is aggressive: the hood, headlights, and grille standout the most. The curves and edges that surround the body of the Camaro add to the aggressive tone of how it seems to stand in an attack form. Ready to pounce on anything that moves. As for the back end, it is as exciting looking as a kid seeing a candy store on a town's main street. The Challenger and Mustang don't do this for me at all.

Interior Design

"...almost like a nightclub..."

If I thought the exterior design of the Camaro was exciting, the interior is almost like a nightclub, when it is dark out. The ambient lighting gives the interior the flare that would add excitement to even the dullest of people. During the day, the Camaro offers everything a sports car could offer; comfortable bucket seats that offer plenty of support, no space for passengers in the back, cockpit like feel for the driver, and a convertible for enjoying nice days and hearing the exhaust from the V8. My favorite all around feature the Camaro has is the air-conditioning control knobs. Or should I say dials? Either way, the integration with the circular vent makes it even more exciting to use.

Price & Options

So, how much does this SS Camaro convertible cost? Just under $51,000. What does that get me? Well for safety, the Camaro comes with blind-spot monitoring, stability and traction control, airbags for the front passengers, back-up camera, parking sensors, rear-cross traffic alert, and lane change alert. For comfort and convenience, the Camaro SS has heated and ventilated powered seats, tilting and telescoping heated steering wheel, Bluetooth connectivity with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, remote start, heads-up display, and ambient lighting.


"...like a fighter plane..."

The 6.2L V8 pumped 455 horses under the hood of the Camaro SS. Back that with the 10 speed automatic transmission that is quite an animal gets the Camaro from 0-60 in the ballpark of 4 seconds. With different driver modes, the attitude of the Camaro seems like it has different personalities. "Tour" mode is a comfortable and smooth ride where the steering is light and throttle response is a bit slow. "Sport" mode is a bit more aggressive with sharper throttle response, harder steering, and a bit less of a comfortable ride. "Track" mode though, all the dials are turned up to 10. Steering is heavy, direct, and sharp. Feedback from the tires is as noticeable as someone screaming in my ear. The exhaust crackles and pops like a fighter plane in combat. The transmission changes through gears snap-finger fast. The suspension keeps everything tidy, no matter what. The most impressive thing to speak of is the braking. The brakes stop the Camaro almost as fast as it can get to 60 miles an hour. It has be due to the Brembo brakes. It is understandable that the Camaro gets horrible gas mileage. There's always an urge to keep mashing the throttle to the floor. But, I did try my best and I achieved 23 miles to the gallon. This helps thanks to the engine management technology where half the cylinders shut off to save fuel. But, I would rather hear that exhaust.


So, is the Camaro the better muscle car? Of course it is. The V8 is loud and enthusiastic. The ride comfort is as great as a GT car. The only thing is that, unlike the Challenger and Mustang, there are some visibility issues. That doesn't mean much though because I was able to look around the blind spots as it became to pretty much be second nature when the convertible was up. Sure, it is not the cheapest of the bunch, but it sure has left a special place in my heart since it departed. If I had the money, I would buy one in a heartbeat and add it to my garage.

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