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Is the E63S wagon the best wagon Mercedes makes? NO! Find out why -- Watch this

So you are in your Mercedes-Benz E63S hammer wagon enjoying brutal amounts of power and speed, then you come to a road. More of a path than a road really, mud and huge puddles simply won't do with your low-slung wagon. Normally you would have to retreat, walk the path ruining your nice shoes or go ahead at great peril to your cars underside. Fear not, some crazy blokes from Germany solved your problems. You can now have your Mercedes wagon and go off roading too! Welcome to the E400 All-Terrain 4x4 Squared. I understand if you need to take a break before reading on, that name is intensely long.

With 17 inches of ground clearance, 1 more than the original hummer, and multi-link independent suspension portal axles, this Merc will take you anywhere your sad little E63S wagon simply could not. It's an E63 wagon mind you. Just taller, wider and more off-raod capable, substantially more capable. You still get all the Merc goodies that you would exoect. Impeccable interior with climate controlled massaging seats. Because exploring off the beaten path can be so tiresome. At this point it is only a concept but hopefully it doesn't stay that way too long. Mercedes has plans to put this into production. It also has a new inline 6 cylinder engine that will soon be in other Mercs in the future.

With all of this you may ask why? Given that Mercedes has made other bonkers vehicles like the 6x6, there is only one simple answer... why not? Jonny Lieberman give this wicked wagon a shake down in the video below.

So check it out and share your thoughts in the comments. Perosnally, I think it's brilliant!

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Comments (4)
  • I think I'd rather have this than any of the other Mercedes SUVs. Even the G wagon

    1 year ago
    1 Bump
  • No, it isn't right. When you want a serious off-road wagon, you get an SUV. There's no place for this. I do accept toughened wagons like the Passat ALLTRACK, but this is, I don't know, too much.

    1 year ago
    1 Bump
    • But I don't want an SUV, I want a wagon, to go off-roading. Show me a Merc SUV that has those body proportions. This is better than the other Merc SUVs other than the G wagon perhaps.


      Read more
      1 year ago
      2 Bumps
    • I liked it. The article, that is. I'm not fussed on the car, but secretly, you know, it's growing on me.

      1 year ago
      1 Bump


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