IS the elio the new dale?

is the elio taking after the dale in becoming the next car scam?

4y ago

In the mid 70s, gas prices were raising due to the Oil Embargo caused by the Arab- Israeli war. Americans were searching for a new, more efficient line of cars. Twentieth Century Motor Car Corporation founder Geraldine Elizabeth Carmichael claimed to have found the answer. She found a three-wheeled car created by Dale Cliff that would get around 70mpg. 70mpg is even an astounding number for cars today, so it is easy to see why buyers latched on.

Geraldine Elizabeth Carmichael had collected around 30 million for the production of this revolutionary new car. Thousands of people pre-ordered the three wheeled car of the future. Soon, the problems started rolling in. Customers complained that they haven't received their orders, and employees complained that they haven't been paid their salary. After an investigation, it turned out that no cars were even in production and Carmichael had fled with a couple million. In fact, only three cars were ever produced. Thousands of people lost money. No one thought a scam of this scale would ever happen again. But has it?

The Elio

The Elio

Meet the Elio, the 84 mpg $7,300 base price car of the future..... again. Elio claims to have 63,251 reservations for their car. But recently, Elio admitted to the SEC that the company has lost $53,793,387 and still does not have a final design and running production factory. Does this sound familiar? Both are three-wheeled, affordable, economic cars of the future that never seem to actually hit the road. I'll leave it up to you to decide. Is the Elio the next Dale?

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  • 63,251 reservations? I never even heard of them. Found your article while searching for the "Dale"... But very interesting!

      2 years ago