- THe F40 is one mind blowing machine!

Is the Ferrari F40 the Greatest Ferrari EVER?

I test drove the legendary Ferrari F40 to find out why it is called as the greatest Ferrari ever made!

3y ago

Is the Ferrari F40 the best car to ever come out of the gates in Maranello? To find out, I travel to Perego Cars in Switzerland to experience the F40 in full on some wonderful roads. The car is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year since being introduced in 1987 and for the drive I'm joined by Greg from Perego, following our previous outing in the Lamborghini Miura S. This time around, it's all F40, let's find out what it's about!

The Ferrari F40 is hugely iconic in its design and powered by a 500hp 2.9l turbocharged V8. Interaction with the car comes from the 5-speed dog-leg manual gearbox and it's certainly quite something to experience. With values into 7 figures, this 1991 example is driven and used hence now having 26,000km on the clock!

Although I am lucky enough to have driven an F40 before, I've never been able to give it the full attention it deserves and show you all around it in detail. A huge thanks goes to Perego Cars, to Greg and John, for making this opportunity possible. Please give them a follow at: instagram.com/peregocars

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