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Is The Ford Mondeo Actually Finished?

6d ago


It was an emotional Grand Tour last week. I had to actually give myself a couple of days to recover. It was so emotional that I've decided I won't be chopping onions for a couple of weeks to give me eyes a break. It was a moment in history that rivaled that moment that Paul Walker exited the Fast and the Furious franchise. Where all men were reduced to weak, small, cry-babies. But it was okay. We're okay, aren't we?

It's Monday though. And Monday makes me angry. It's been three days since I watched The Grand Tour and I'm not a cry-baby anymore. I've also had logic kick in this morning, and I'm taking aim. I'm taking aim at Clarkson, May and Hammond.

I've never attended a funeral before for someone that isn't actually dead. But the boys did just this last week. They attended a funeral for a car which Ford hasn't actually killed off and, believe it or not, won't kill off either. In fact it was just January that they revealed a face lift for the Mondeo. And there's a good reason why that car won't get killed off.

That leaves Ford fleet buyers with the Endura, which is far too expensive and highly specified for a company car, and the mondeo.

The Mondeo is still the quintessential fleet vehicle. Yes it's true, in fact it's even more truer for Europe, Asia and Australia than before. That's because Ford has killed off every other sedan that they did have on range. That includes far more iconic cars like the Falcon. A car that in Australia, and for a long time, was akin to the Mondeo. Ford also killed off another car here named the Territory, which was also considered the quintessential SUV for many company fleets. Unfortunately all that leaves Ford fleet buyers with is the Endura, which is far too expensive and highly specified for a company car, and the Mondeo.

Guess what? Most companies have a fleet deal with Ford for the Mondeo as well. As such Ford has committed to continuing development on the Mondeo and, post 2019, is going develop another one. And so poor Clarkson, May and Hammond had a moment last week with some information that might have either been a presumption, or simply and unknowingly false. Either way, I'd be hiring a contract killer to set whoever their source is straight.

It gets worse still. Back in January when Ford announced their new Mondeo, they also announced a hybrid Mondeo. So not only are Ford continuing the Mondeo well into the future. It looks like the Mondeo may actually be Ford's future as well. The fact is most EV vehicle development is focused currently on either sedan, wagon or small cars to ensure they are light. So that makes a lot of sense on Ford's part. We have to remember as well, it's not like Ford isn't producing other new cars either. I mean they just released a Focus and have many many more models in the pipeline.

The fact is though, no matter what the volume is, Ford will always have a sedan in the market. The reason this is, is because they are one of three competitors in that area. If you buy an executive sedan in Australia currently that isn't European you have a choice of the Holden Commodore (Opel Insignia - yes I know that is technically European), the Mazda 6 and the Ford Mondeo. Why wouldn't Ford play in that area? They're almost the only game in town. With the Global economy not what it was in the eary 2000s either, finance is something more and more people are avoiding.

So, Mr Clarkson, Mr Hammond and Mr May, I can't tell whether you'd be happy your beloved Mondeo is back from the dead. Or irked that someone has called you out. But I've done it anyway.

Doesn't stop me enjoying the last episode this season. I'm sure most Australians would agree with me when I say, your funeral for the Mondeo brought up old emotions for the Ford Falcon most of us experienced during the early 2010s. A car we considered much to be the same as your Mondeo. A car which my father also had in the XR8 model, a thumping V8 in a disgustingly bright sky blue colour so everyone could see you. A car which was the pride of my home town and whilst being terribly built, was Australian, loud, powerful and fun. So for your sake lads, I hope that Ford never actually does kill the Mondeo off. Because that day would be a sad day for everyone.