- 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Lusso Q4

Is the Giulia the Best Affordable Luxury Sedan on the Market?

In the past, I got the chance to drive a Giulia that was not the Quadrifoglio. It has had a lasting impression on me ever since. So, last week I was given the keys to see if that impression can stay a little longer after all of the cars I have driven ever since. To sum it all up; it does. Why? I shall elaborate here.

"...a crazy diva who's looking..."

The styling of the Giulia changes like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide. I say this because during the day it is like an innocent, playful girlfriend during the day. But at night, she turns into a crazy diva who's looking to have fun out on the town. The lights hide the features until I walk up to it a little closer. It has all of the right curves and lines in all of the right places like a model. It is just so beautiful to look at. Convince me otherwise. Take a look at the pictures. I'll wait.

"...between day and night."

The interior design is just as similar as the exterior when it comes to it changing from daytime to nighttime. During the day it feels like I am in a luxurious spa and the moment it gets dark...bam! It turns into a night club. The ambiance is just so different between the day and night. It is exciting with all of the lights glowing as I look around at the dash, infotainment screen, and center console. As for the wood, leather, metal, and some plastic, I never would have thought the Monte Carlo Blue would go so well with the creamy interior. What also helps is the split moon roof. No other car has made me feel this excited since I drove the Chrysler 300. There are some problems though with the interior that I should add. Sure the seats are as comfortable as a sofa after a long day of work, but the space for everyone but the driver is a bit lackluster. I could not fit anyone in the Giulia that was older than a toddler in the back and someone who was under five foot seven in the passenger seat. Then there is the head space for me as the driver. I felt like I could have set the seat lower but it just would go down more. Other than that, it was great, even for the visibility.

So, how much does this Giulia Ti Lusso Q4 cost? After all of the options and whatnot, slightly over $52,000. What does it come with? Well for safety, it has(options included); dual advanced front airbags as well as side curtain airbags for the front and rear, back-up camera, front and rear park sensors, run flat tires, tire pressure monitoring system, driver assistant package including blind spot and cross traffic alert, auto-dimming exterior mirrors, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, and lane departure warning. Other features include sport suspension, carbon fiber drive shaft, Bluetooth connectivity with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, Harman Kardon premium sound system, heated steering wheel, ambient lighting, heated power and leather seats, tilt and telescoping steering wheel, dual-pane sunroof, and the wood trim is made of real walnut.

"...felt like running over..."

Now for performance. The 2.0L turbocharged four cylinder produces 280 horsepower that is sent to all four wheels. In "Dynamic" mode, the Giulia Lusso will climb from 0-60 in 5.1 seconds. That is faster than the Acura TLX A-Spec, Audi A5, BMW 330i, and the Genesis G90. So, for that itself makes it the better performing in the 0-60 category. The gear changes are dual-clutch quick. The suspension keeps it balanced in the corners. The steering is sharp and direct as well as responsive. The only problem is with the throttle response from a dead stop. It fumbles itself for a second, making sure I really want to go through with what I want to attempt. But what stunned me was how great it handled in the rain. I took off with no drama. The Giulia just went straight and continued on until I came to a stop. What also was great about the Giulia was how comfortable the ride quality was. Potholes felt like running over small roadkill on the cancerous roads of New Jersey. Fuel economy is not bad either. For me with my driving habits, I had a combined mileage of 24 miles to the gallon after everything.

"..like a teen who has just fallen..."

So, I do not have to even ask the question, "Would I buy a non-Quadrifoglio Giulia?" I definitely would in a heartbeat. I would only replace the wheels though and put on the circle ones instead that can be found on the Quadrifoglio and 4C. The Giulia has character unlike most of the cars I have driven. It made me feel like I was special, like a teen who has just fallen in love. There is substance in the Giulia not found in anything else. It has all of the right pieces one could ask for and more. Sure it is flawed, but what cars aren't? That is why I say it is the best affordable luxury sedan on the market. The other sedans are just for the namesake with no soul. Like a heartless shell. If I could tell someone who would ask me what song would be good to play in this car, and this is my honest opinion, it would be "80s Mercedes," by Maren Morris. But I don't pay any mind to the Mercedes part. Only the rest of the chorus. Listen to it and understanding what I mean will come easy.

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