Is the Lamborghini Aventador S Worth $800,000?

34w ago


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"Picture this.

You may want to get your will in order before punching the throttle...


You’re wedged in the vice that is an Aventador’s driver seat. You’re cramped and your left arm is dislocated but nevertheless, you are in. The engine is idling. The car is positioned at the bottom of an abandoned runway. You’re feeling lucky. You have a death wish. You decide to punch the throttle. Your decision is met with an almost instantaneous acceleration, that which you’ve never experienced before on the road. You suddenly regret not getting your will in order before now. The revs climb, the speedometer spirals and the noise, oh the noise, how it screams… You’re about to hit the rev-limiter when you pull the right paddle to shift up. Then…. nothing. Your eyebrows furrow. You’re confused. You wonder if you’ve put it in neutral. You wait. Still nothing. You think you might utilise this time best by attempting to learn some French. You pull out your French dictionary and start memorising words. You’re on page 256 when you hear a mechanical clunk. All of a sudden, the car decides to accelerate once more like a steam train on ‘roids. You soil yourself. You have seven aneurysms. You grab the wheel. All at once, feelings of bewilderment, disorientation and ecstasy flood your body. You haven’t binned it. You are alive. You continue on, and on, and on. The grin on your face grows wider and wider and wider. You are a hero."


Alright then. Now you've read our post, you have our permission to rant away in the comments. You Keyboard Warrior.

So is it worth the $800,000 entry price? You tell us.


Not a supercar fan? More a muscle-car type of guy/gal? Try this one on for size:


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