Is the 'Lap of the Gods' the greatest lap in Motorsport history?

It's certainly close?

4y ago

I've written a few articles on my relatively recent discovery and love of Aussie racing and the intensity involved in it. It has a rawness and brutality that is missing in other modern racing forms. The majority of the clips I have found centre around the iconic and magnificent Bathurst.

The circuit has some of the most intense changes of direction and changes in road level that give it an almost rollercoaster-like sensation.

The impressive thing about the clip in this article is that despite being alone on the circuit, there is as much intensity in this lap as there is in an entire Formula 1 race.

Back in 2003, Greg Murphy pulled off one of the greatest laps in motorsport at the Bathurst 1000. Dubbed 'The Lap of the Gods,' this lap received a standing ovation from the paddock and crowd as he flew down the finishing straight.

It isn't often you see the whole pit team come out to congratulate a driver.

It isn't often you see the whole pit team come out to congratulate a driver.

This qualifying lap managed to take the lead by over a second, but more impressively it was the first to dip below the 2 minute 7 second mark setting a lap record. This lap record, set in his Holden Commodore, wouldn't be broken for another seven years.

If the vision of this spectacle doesn't get your juices flowing, the noise of that V8 surely will.

Watch the full clip below:

Credit to Supercars for the clip

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Comments (18)

  • I've been watching Australian V8 Supercar for a couple years now and I can't get enough! I used to be a huge NASCAR fan but Aussie V8 is so much better!

      4 years ago
  • Tyres by bostick

      4 years ago
  • Now imagine that car with a sequential gearbox, bigger rims the supercars currently use & supersoft rubber??

    Imagine the time it would do.......Scotty's 2:03 would certainly be under threat 😎

      3 years ago
  • This lap was a message from Greg Murphy after the pitstop fiasco in the 2002 race. which saw him cop a 5 minute stop-go penalty and storm off into the porta-loo and express some choice opinions about the race officials in the way that ticked off Kiwis do.

    One of the funniest things in the post shootout interview was Murph saying he'd missed a gear change at the Dipper and lost some time. Makes me wonder what that lap *could* have been.

      4 years ago
  • Yes it was the Lap Of The Gods. Goodness only knows when we will be that excited again for a Bathurst lap.

      4 years ago