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Comments (9)

  • Of course it is! Doesn’t make it a bad car though

      9 days ago
  • I think it is underrated actually

    I'd spare a kidney for that symphony on wheels

      9 days ago
  • Yes, definitely. The only reason people like it so much is because of the way it sounds. Its not that fast, isn't that good looking, and is overpriced.

      8 days ago
  • This Japanese singing machine is seriously underrated because these days I hear of no one talking yet even preach that this is a good car. It's sad that it doesn't quite get the appreciation that it's other Japanese counterparts does, cars like the Supra, GTR and NSX and others. Just like Doug said a long time ago' The LFA is a supercar no one talks about' , so yeah it is underrated.

      9 days ago
  • I don’t believe so because to those who are non car people they’ll just say “oh nice car” whereas you look at Supra and GTR everyone knows them because of F&F and it’s hard to really gauge a exclusive car that isn’t mass produced because the idea of exclusivity in itself is made to make the car or item overrated

      9 days ago